People always think of ways where they can save their basement from possible floods and leaks. Basement waterproofing Oakville doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor that burns a hole in your pocket. Choosing the best methods will help you keep your basement locked for dampness and leaks which can cause health issues and structural damage. Hire an expert to inspect your basement to ensure that your basement is well-waterproofed in all the needed areas so that you don’t end up spending more than needed. Here are some ways you can waterproof your basement with a limited budget.

Prevent water from reaching your foundation

If you think that rain or snowmelt can cause leakage in your basement, then you should take immediate action and stop water from reaching the base of your house. When water is allowed to collect at your foundation outside, it can damage the exterior of the house, making it deteriorate. If this occurs, leaks will come, and they will get worsen with time. Often people do the error of mulching their home foundation which can make things worse. This hampers the ventilation required for water evaporation. There are two ways to direct water away from your house:

  1. Downspouts
  2. Gutters

Expand your downspouts and add a new gutter system

If you have downspouts, but you still face issues with excess water, then you can apply extensions to them. It is suggested to install gutter systems if you haven’t done till now. With extensions, you can move the water away from your property to avoid water puddles from forming around your home. Keep the horizontal downspout extensions between 4 to 6 ft.

Get the cracks, crevices and holes in your foundation fixed instantly

Cracks and holes can occur in the foundation of your home over time. Some are simple to repair while others are serious, but even the smallest one can cause issues. Any size crack or hole can allow dampness and water inside and cause basement issues. Hence, you should immediately repair your foundation and seal it up properly, especially when you are planning to finish your basement soon. Professionals can be hired for the project for best results.

Waterproof your walls

When trying to waterproof your walls, it is important that you follow every step correctly. It may not be a feasible DIY task; hence you should hire a professional basement waterproofing Oakville contractor to do it for you. This method will help you seal the foundation of your building from the outside and channelize the water away from the house so that no moisture can enter your basement.

If you are looking to waterproof your basement on a budget, then you should consult an expert. Trying different DIY methods can lead to costlier expenses. So, speak to a professional to know what your best option is and make sure you do it as soon as possible before the problem grows. Waterproofing PD is your one-stop solution to get waterproofing solutions on a budget. Hire them to get the best help for your unique basement situation.

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