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Becoming a real estate owner is a dream that many people cherish, especially since the value of real estate has been growing in Switzerland for years and the outlook for the Swiss real estate market is generally very interesting. To own is to have something to pass on. It is also a safety mattress, an asset that is easy to sell in order to obtain cash if you ever encounter financial difficulties. Do you want to sell? The first thing to do is to estimate the value of your property. for more knowledge visit here: Conveyancing Victoria Melbourne

What does the real estate estimate consist of?

We can define real estate valuation as the operation intended to assess the value of a property in reality. This is why it is carried out only by specialists in the field. Indeed, the latter must take into account several objective criteria to carry out their evaluation. First, they assess the location of the property in question. They study its geographical location, the district where it is located, the proximity to public transport and shops, the attractiveness of the district and the canton, as well as the panorama and the view.

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Then, they look at the characteristics of the dwelling to be estimated. This concerns in particular its surface area, age, number of rooms, light, equipment, quality of construction, amenities, parking, etc. Valuation specialists do not forget to take a close look at the economic context as well as the price of identical properties on the local and national real estate market. Today there is an alternative to such physical appraisers like Lookmove’s online real estate appraiser .

The advantages of this online estimator

It is undeniable that the valuation of a property is advantageous for the seller as well as for the buyer. For the first, this operation allows him to know precisely the value of his property on the market at a time T. In this way, he is able to determine the added value that he can obtain from the sale of his property. As for the buyer, this evaluation, online or not, is necessary to determine whether or not the sale price is in line with the condition of the property and the real estate market. Lookmove’s online assessment tool is free. So you do not need to spend a single penny to know the approximate value of your property.

This tool is available online. In other words, all you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet, as well as an Internet connection to access it. You can make this estimate anytime, whether at your office, on public transport, at home, on vacation, on weekends, etc. Just fill out the online form and in a few minutes you will get the rough estimate of your property. It is certain that if you wish to benefit from a more in-depth and more precise estimate, nothing beats the intervention of a specialist in the field. In this case, Lookmove is able to recommend a real estate expert in your area. You can then make an appointment with the latter in order to carry out an on-site assessment.

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