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Are you the primary supervisor at a warehouse or construction site? Perhaps you’re organising a large event in a public area or managing an office? Regardless of your role, you more than likely need professional security guard services from a reliable company. However, not all security consulting companies are created equal. So to ensure you’re hiring a legitimate company, there are several key questions you should ask. Here are 6 crucial questions to guide you when hiring a security consulting company.

1. How Long Has Your Company Existed?

The first question to ask is about the company’s longevity, and this is because an established business is more than likely going to offer exceptional services, has experience and of course a proven track record.  A security company with many years under its belt will be familiar with proper codes, various security situations, and have established connections with authorities. This experience ensures they are prepared for any security scenario that may arise.

It’s also worth noting that while newer companies might also provide excellent services, their lack of a long track record makes it harder to verify their capabilities. Investing in a company with a proven history can provide peace of mind and reliable security services.

2. Are You Properly Licensed?

The next critical question is about licensing. A legitimate security company must have the appropriate licenses to ensure it meets specific area specific requirements, including background checks and registering a designated manager. Most places mandate that security companies be licensed to ensurethat all employees are in good legal standing.

Hiring an unlicensed security company poses significant risks, therefore making it essential to confirm that any security consulting company you consider has all necessary licenses. This step protects you and ensures the company operates legally and ethically.

3. How Do You Train Your Guards?

Training is crucial for security guards to handle any potential breaches. You should ask about the type and extent of training the company’s guards receive. Comprehensive training should include classroom and hands-on training covering weapons, risk assessment, counter-terrorism and public interaction to name a few.

The training specifics might vary based on your security needs. For instance, guards securing a warehouse might not need counterterrorism training but should be wellversed in risk assessment and public interaction. Ensuring the security team is adequately trained for your specific requirements is vital for effective protection.

4. How Do You Monitor Your Staff?

It’s essential to understand how a security company monitors its guards during active duty. Effective monitoring ensures guards perform their duties diligently and are ready to respond to any situation. Inquire about the methods used to keep tabs on guards, such as GPS systems and constant communication with supervisors.A reliable security company will have robust systems to monitor and support their guards. This continuous oversight helps maintain high standards and ensures quick response times in case of any issues, keeping your property or event secure.

5. Are You Sufficiently Insured?

Security work involves risks, and adequate insurance is crucial in this instance. Ensure the security company has proper coverage, including liability insurance for its employees. This coverage protects you from being held liable for any damages or injuries that occur while the security company’s employees are on your property. Having comprehensive insurance coverage indicatesa company’s professionalism and commitment to protecting both its employees and clients.

6. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Before finalising any contracts, be clear about all the costs involved. Understanding the pricing structure helps avoid unexpected expenses and it’s advisable to compare quotes from multiple security consulting companies to gauge the market rates and identify any unusually low prices that might indicate substandard services.While cost is an important factor, it should not be the sole deciding factor. The quality of services, training of the guardsand technological capabilities are equally important to ensure you get the best security services for your needs.

Hire a Proven Security Consulting Company

So when selecting a security consulting company, it’s essential to enquire about many facets of their business, and by asking these crucial questions and more, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision and ensure the safety and security of your premises or event.

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