How to install a Japanese toilet yourself


Using the services of a plumber is not necessarily necessary when it comes to installing a Japanese toilet. This is particularly the case for the installation of a Japanese toilet seat at the level of an already existing sanitary basin. The main works will be focused on the installation of the connection of the water supply and the electric current. Also, all the tools that will be used are very simple and basic.

Installation of a Japanese toilet seat

Before starting the installation of a Japanese toilet , it is crucial to read the manual that comes with the product. It is inside this document that you will find all the procedures to follow and the warnings to remember during the installation.

Once this is done, make sure that the insertion of the filter will be done correctly between the bowl and the flap. Turn the body of the latter over and press the side button while gently removing the mounting plate. Slide it from the body of the flap without making any forced movement. Turn the plate over and place it at the level of the toilet bowl.
Then, insert a positioning slide in the two holes. Then, all you have to do is adjust the slides according to the dimensions of your toilet seat. Then, secure the mounting plate with a nut and a washer on each bolt located under the bowl of your toilet.

The Japanese shower toilet seat must be placed in the center of the toilet bowl. If you notice a positioning difference, you will have to repeat the operation until the ideal setting is obtained. In order for the nozzles to deliver a jet of water in the right direction, they must also be properly centered. Otherwise there is a risk of water coming to the side and not between the buttocks.

Connection of a Japanese toilet seat

The fitting of your Japanese toilet seat will depend on the model you have. This can be done using a three-way valve or with a fitting. Before carrying out the installation, you must first shut off the water supply leading to the toilet.

Then you can connect the water inlet with the shut-off valve in order to insert the fitting. To strengthen the thread of the tape, you can put Teflon tape. Then, you screw the fitting with the tap and the nut of the water inlet hose to insert the fitting.

Depending on the model of toilet seat you have, it may be possible to insert the connection between the toilet tank and the tap. This technique allows the water to be cut off simultaneously at the level of the tank and the toilet seat. Regarding the positioning of the fitting, it will depend on the configuration of the installation. This can come from the wall, the floor, a flexible pipe …

The use of a Japanese toilet seat

A Japanese toilet seat is equipped with two hand showers which are retractable and retract automatically before and after each use. One is for the hygiene of the vulva , the other is for cleaning the anus. On some models that are much more equipped in functionality, you have a heating option to dry your private parts after each cleaning. It is even possible to have a heated window. The heat of the water and its power can be regulated using a remote control.

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