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One way of adding some cozy touch to your home is to get something that will heat your place on that chilly night. A fireplace creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. And the good thing is you don’t need a built-in fireplace to enjoy the feature in your home. There are numerous mounting options and fuel types from which you can choose. Does some proper research before you make your choice. That way you get a fireplace which will be viable for you.

In this article, you get to discover the best fireplace types for your home.

There are various ways in which you can mount depending on the functionality and appearance you prefer.

Freestanding fireplace: This is the easiest type to install because it requires minimal or no construction. They come in many styles, and you can attach them to a wall depending on the fuel type.

Wall-mounted: The wall-mounted fireplace looks more traditional and is surrounded by a mantel. If you have a chimney in your place, you can connect your fireplace with it for easy ventilation.

Built-in fireplace insert: You can insert an existing fireplace or a cabinet through plug-in power. And if you intend to convert a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace, that’s the easiest solution.

Following are the typical fireplace fuel types

The gas fireplace

You can use a vented model if you have a chimney or get a ventless gas fireplace. The installation is a bit more intensive, but the gas type of fireplace is usually very efficient, and you can easily turn it on or off. You also get to enjoy the look of real flames.

Electric fireplace

The electric fireplace uses heated coils and internal fans to distribute heat to your space. You may not enjoy the natural look of flames with this type, but it’s safer, especially if you’ve young kids and pets. They are also easy to install, and no vents are required. They are pretty cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Gel fireplace

 This is an easy-to-install fireplace that is easy to install because it requires no ventilation. The gel is sold in cans, and though expensive to acquire, you’ve no gas or electric bills to consider when in use. If you aren’t planning to use the fireplace so often or need one that you can move around as you wish, a gel fireplace is a great fit. It’s a fireplace with a sleek and modern look.

Wood fireplace

If you’re looking for a classic fireplace option and probably a way of lowering your energy bills, a wood fireplace is a great option. It provides the traditional look, smell, and sound of a fireplace. However, a wood fireplace requires a chimney and maintenance, including close monitoring for safety reasons.

Once you’ve settled on the fireplace that you wish to have, think about controls. How do you want to be operating the fireplace, switching on/ off, adjusting the most comfortable temperature at all times? If you need perfect installation of the best model, get reputable fireplaces in Toronto company to help you out.

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