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Are you looking to make a dramatic statement in your Temecula home with the furniture you select? Are you frustrated with the options available in retail furniture stores in the Temecula area—especially when it comes to dining room tables? A common complaint among furniture shoppers is that the dining tables offered in local stores all tend to look the same. There is very little available that is unique or interesting. Another complaint is that the furniture found in local stores tends to be cheaply made, and not made using quality wood products or good construction methods. Traveling to San Diego, Orange County, or even Los Angeles doesn’t often yield much better results.

If you want something different and well made, your best option may be to go with a custom furniture maker in Temecula.

A custom furniture company can make you a dining table in any style you desire. They can use just about any type of hardwood you select and make something that is unique to you and that will withstand many years of use and still look great!

One style of dining table that those looking for a dramatic statement should consider is a custom live-edge dining table for their Temecula home. A live-edge table is one that has one or more sides of the table that is unfinished. The natural shape of the wood is left exposed. Many people appreciate live-edge dining tables for their raw beauty. They love that their table is truly unique—because no two live-edge slabs are the same!

Custom live-edge dining tables in Temecula can be built by any number of custom woodworkers in the area. Look for a custom future maker who specializes in sourcing unique slabs of wood for custom live-edge dining tables, and is also known for superior craftsmanship. While live-edge tables may look like they are not a lot of work to build, they still require the expertise of a talented furniture maker.

Live-edge dining tables can add visual interest to any Temecula home. Depending on the details included in the design, they can look great in modernstyled homes, as well as more traditional ones. In Temecula, where a lot of the homes tend to be “cookie cutter,” adding uniqueness through furniture selection is a great way to go!

Matt Smith, owner and custom furniture builder at Smith Farms, had this to say, “At our custom furniture company, we love a good live-edge table! No two live-edge tables are alike, and they can instantly add a ton of style to a room. When we work with clients who want a live-edge dining table, we help them select the perfect slabs and then go over all of the details and options. Some people want the live edge to be extremely raw, while others want it a bit more refined. Some don’t know exactly what they want, so we help them decide, based on the look and feel they are going for in their dining room. It’s an extremely collaborative process that yields great results!”

To inquire about custom live-edge dining tables in Temecula, contact Smith Farms through their website.

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