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In recent times, bed bugs have been spotted everywhere – from the Paris Olympics to offices in Los Angeles. This is such a global trend that if you live in Brisbane, you are likely to spot one of these little monsters in your office. Bed bugs are annoying bloodsuckers that are known to move easily from one place to another. No thanks to their deadly hitch-hiking mode of transportation. Bed bugs do not stay long on human bodies. They prefer to hide out in bags, clothes, and personal items – as a way to get around. The presence of this pest in your office can affect employee morale and slow done business operations. Bed bug inspections in Brisbane are usually the first step in clearing these little rascals from your office.

A brief overview of bed bugs

If you knew how deadly and mischievous bed bugs are, you would be more likely to hit “bed bug pest control near me” whenever you see one. Before you go calling the pest control cops on these poor little animals, some simple facts about bed bugs:

  • Once bed bugs enter your office, they can easily spread over a short time this can overwhelm you.
  • Bed bugs in your office will thrive under the right conditions.
  • If they stay in your office for about a year without any treatment, the infestation size could contain over 10,000 bed bugs.

Bed bugs in the office: How are they harmful?

One good thing about bed bugs is the fact that they do not spread diseases, so your office workers are safe. But these tiny pesky creatures can bite for sure! One deadly movement of their mouth on your worker can cause red, itchy welts on their skin. If their actions persist in your office, before long you will be facing one of these challenges:

  • Regular disruptions to your business operations
  • Damage to your brand reputation
  • Low employee morale
  • Loss of staff to sick leave
  • Forced risk management
  • Potential lawsuits
  • Loss of customers

Preventing bed bugs 101: What to do

To stop a potential infestation, you will need to know how to stop bed bugs from making it to your office. In Brisbane, search for the right pest control company by using “bed bug services near me” on your browser. This will bring you closer to several potential companies to use to fight the bed bugs. These pests cling to personal belongings and use this to move from one place to another. This means that it is almost impossible to stop them from moving from point A to B. But if you are an office facility manager, there are measures you can put in place to prevent these tiny insects from disrupting your business.

Find the bed bugs before they find you

One way to stop bed bugs is to look for them in your office. A bed bug specialist in Brisbane can help you with this. These insects are small in size – they are round and flat. A bed bug can be as long as 2 to 3 millimetres. They are brownish and look like apple seeds. This is how you know there are bed bugs in your office:

  • Sticky white eggs
  • Shed skins from bed bugs
  • Coloured strains on walls or furniture
  • Dead or live bed bugs

Take the right precautions

To keep the office free from bed bugs, it is important to conduct regular inspections. Search with “bed bug inspections near me” on Google to get professional inspection services. It is important to outsource this task out to the professionals. This helps ensure that you focus on your core business operations while professional companies help you with the right precautions. During the inspections, pay special attention to places like lounges, break rooms, lockers, and so on.

The treatment process

If there is any suspicion of bed bug activities, the company may recommend the right treatment plan for your office. Bed bug control in Brisbane involves the use of tailored treatment solutions for each customer. Many experienced pest control companies in brisbane can help keep your office facility free from bed bugs. Some of the most recommended treatment methods for treating bed bugs include:

  • Laundering or disposing of all infested items
  • The use of chemicals for treatments
  • Heat treatments and fumigation

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