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Even if few people do this work, renovating the facade of your house makes it more valuable. In addition to giving it a more modern appearance, carrying out facade renovation work allows you to better enhance your home and improve its energy performance. Here are all the key points to know for your facade renovation projects.

Call a professional

When you notice that the condition of your facade is starting to deteriorate, it is therefore time to do some renovation work on your exterior walls . To do this, we advise you to contact a professional in the field.

The latter can then provide you with ideas for facelifting according to what you are looking for (facade modernization, facade restoration, treatment of various problems such as water infiltration, etc.).
You can ask the professional for an estimate of your project according to its services . He will offer you primary materials as well as decorative elements compatible with these materials. You can then choose the project that best suits you in terms of budget and appearance.

Generally, most of the services offered by professionals already take into account the improvement of the technical performance of your facade such as thermal and acoustic comfort as well as energy performance.

Administrative procedures and financial aid for a facelift

In this article , we will give you the information about the administrative procedures to carry out facade renovation work. They can be quite long. You should allow about 5 to 6 months in total before you can start your work , of which 2 to 4 months concern the authorization of the authorities and the recourse of third parties.

Applying for a building permit is surely the longest process. This is required if you plan to completely change the appearance of your exterior facade. On the other hand, if you simply want to restore the initial state of your facade, a prior declaration will suffice.
Compared to the facade renovation price, it is estimated per square meter and is between 30 and 100 euros depending on the importance of the work. However, you can benefit from numerous financial aids if you wish to have your facade facelifting work carried out by professionals .

Among these financial aids, we can cite: the reduced VAT rate which reduces the VAT to 10%, the Anah aid which can reduce your final bill by up to 50% as well as the tax credit which does not ‘is only available if the facade facelift work is aimed at improving the insulation of your home.

Apart from that, local authorities as well as the Departmental Directorate of Equipment can also grant you other subsidies. However, it should be noted that the amount of this aid may vary from one community to another and from one department to another.

In summary, carrying out facade renovation work both improves the appearance of your property but also improves its performance . Even if this work can be quite expensive, you can benefit from different aids and subsidies depending on the nature and the objective of your facade renovation project.

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