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Quality mattresses can be expensive, and you expect them to offer the best sleep and remain in the best shape for a long time. Most mattresses last five to ten years, and how you maintain them will determine how soon you will need a replacement.

Understanding the best mattress maintenance practices will help you protect this investment. Here are some valuable tips to protect and keep your mattress in good shape for longer.

  1. Use a mattress protector

You should get a mattress protector the moment you leave the mattress sale Toronto. This is the simplest way to extend the life of your mattress. Accidental spills do not only create unsightly stains, but they also cause the growth of bacteria and mold. More so, they can cause a lingering odor that will make your bed uncomfortable.

Invest in a good mattress protector that will offer your Queensway Mattress waterproof protection from spills and sweat. They also protect your mattress from dust and dirt that can cause permanent staining and encourage the buildup of mites and allergens.

  1. Rotate your mattress regularly

Regardless of the size, it is essential to rotate your mattress. This will help even the pressure and keep the fillings evenly distributed. By ensuring even wear, you will extend the life of your mattress. The recommended frequency for flipping or rotating your mattress is once in three months. Some manufacturers also offer recommendations of the frequency.

Through this, you will not only reduce sagging and formation of dips, but you will get consistent comfort and support.

  1. Support your mattress

As you plan to make a trip to a mattress outlet Toronto, you should also consider where to get support for the mattress. Also called foundation or base, mattress support protects it from wear.

A bunky board made of plywood is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your mattress. Alternatively, you can use box springs made of steel springs that act as shock absorbers and wood. Foldable metal platforms can also be used for mattress foundation.

It is essential to consider your market type when choosing a foundation. Using the wrong foundation will do you more harm than good.

  1. Clean your mattress

By skipping cleaning and vacuuming your mattress, you shorten its lifespan. The recommended frequency for vacuuming a mattress is at least twice a year. This prevents the buildup of dirt, bacteria, mites, and allergens.

When the mattress gets stains, clean them immediately to prevent the formation of stains. Spot cleaning and vacuuming will keep your mattress looking as good as new for years. Read the manufacturers’ instructions for the best mattress cleaning guide.


Things last when they are well taken care of. There are no shortcuts to a long-lasting mattress. Commit yourself to maintaining the new mattress you got from a mattress store in Toronto, and you won’t have to replace it too soon.

Keep the mattress clean, provide base support, rotate it, and always use a mattress protector to keep it in shape.

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