Aluminum would be the strongest metal you could name. It is unlikely. It’s unlikely. Ironman, a superhero known as Superman, doesn’t wear high-tech aluminum armor to fight evil. Reality and perception are often quite different. How strong is aluminum? Aluminum is used in many applications. However, this question is rarely explored and can prove difficult to answer. One thing is certain: Aluminum is strong enough to do the job.

How does a metal’s strength determine? When deciding how strong a metal is, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Compressive strength is a measure of how resistant a material to being compressed or squeezed.
  • Tensile strength indicates how strong a substance resists being torn apart.
  • Yield strength is a measure of how resistant something is to being bent or reshaped.
  • Impact strength indicates how strong a material is to withstand an impact without shattering.

Materials that excel in one area often do poorly in the other. It can be difficult to determine how strong a material is.

Aluminum is a malleable metal so it’s unlikely you’ll find it on any list of the strongest metals. It is stronger than most other materials. Aluminum’s combination of strength and malleability is what makes it so versatile and useful. It can be shaped as required by manufacturers while remaining strong and durable.

Evaluation of Aluminum’s Strength

What is the strength of aluminum? This question can be answered by looking at where and how aluminum is used. The Aluminium Association points out that aluminum and aluminum alloys can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Shark Cages If you are brave enough to swim alongside Great Whites, you will hopefully be able to face them behind the sturdy bars of an aluminum cage. Aluminum can withstand even the most threatening predators and is buoyant enough to not corrode in saltwater.
  • Automobiles Aluminum is the second most-used material in automakers. It is lightweight, durable, light and absorbs the energy of impacts. Aluminum is used to construct everything, from cars and trucks to boats and ocean liners. Aluminum is used by the U.S. Army in its Humvees, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and other vehicles to provide corrosion resistance, reliability and a lighter weight.
  • Fighter planes: Originally, planes were made from wood, wires, and fabric. Aluminum alloys are used in today’s military aircraft. Airframes of the F-16 fighter jet are made up 80 percent aluminum.
  • Spacecraft NASA regularly uses aluminum and aluminum alloys in the construction of spacecraft. The Orion is a new spacecraft that could one-day transport humans to Mars. It was constructed using an aluminum-lithium alloy.
  • Skyscrapers Aluminum is used often in curtain walls or window frames for high-rise buildings. These buildings stand tall and proud.
  • Armor plating: Aluminum is often used to protect U.S. Army vehicles from explosives, and soldiers who travel inside them.

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