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The popularity of steel has grown tremendously even since it was introduced in Nepal. And why not? It is cheap, strong, malleable, and offers resistance against oxidation and corrosion. Because of all these properties, steel is used in numerous fields whether it be construction of production of various tools and equipment. There are different grades and types of steel, with their own unique features. The use of these steel types and grades depends on these features. Currently, the best steel company in Nepal, Hama steel. There is a growing use of different steel in not just in one place but all over Nepal .

Construction Projects.

Steel is one of the main products used in construction projects these days. There are projects that only utilize steel partially, however, there are ones that use steel entirely. Steel can be used on the outer surface of the building, and on the inner surfaces. It can also be used as a material to provide strength to the structure. Concrete structures generally lack the tensile strength, which is crucial to fight against natural disasters like earthquakes. Use of steel in such structures offers the missing strength. Steel structures are yet another type of building that is built primarily using steel.

Industrial Applications

Depending on the steel fabrication process and steel texture, steel can have numerous industrial applications. There are certain areas like marine industries, chemical industries, petrochemical plants, and so many others that require really high grade steel. Steel altogether offers them the attributes that they need to not just build their infrastructures, but also for use in daily operations. Use of other materials or low grade steel can cause the structure to deteriorate, or even worse, catastrophic accidents. Steel is regarded as one of the most reliable materials for application in industrial, and most importantly, sophisticated sectors as such.

Miscellaneous Uses

Steel Nepal is used to make all kinds of tools and equipment. They are used to manufacture parts of vehicles, agricultural equipment, machineries, and so many others. Steel plate is used to make appliances that can be used in households, offices and commercial sectors. There are products like steel pipes and steel types that are used highly in construction projects. Depending on the grade of steel used to manufacture steel pipes, they are used to ensure the flow of different types of fluids like water, petrol, chemical, and so on. All in all, steel is a highly versatile material, with high potential and possibilities.

Hama steel is the most reliable steel company in Nepal. They produce all kinds of steel based products, however, they specialize in steel construction products. Hama Steel is also one of the oldest steel companies of Nepal. So, they have quite a bit of experience in their hands. They don’t just offer steel based products like steel plate and steel rods, but also, they provide consultation services. If you’re someone who requires steel based products, but aren’t quite sure which grade or type to choose, you should definitely get in touch with Hama Steel.

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