Rolling shutter out of order


Roller shutter locks are very common, whether manual or automatic, especially when they are used very frequently. In these cases, it is quite difficult to locate the fault to overcome it and we hesitate to follow our DIY instinct or call in a professional. Obviously, a skilled craftsman is always the best solution to avoid causing more damage than there already is. Despite this, there are small reflexes, first aid to adopt in the event of a breakdown, and before making a call to the repairer. They will also help you guide the expert on the repairs to be made.

The blocked shutter: the most frequent case

This case usually occurs in urban areas such as Paris and Île-de-France, quite often due to accumulation of dust or pollution. The fault is manifested by a blocking of the mechanism in the low position or, on the contrary, of the shutters which can no longer be lowered. In this case, you must contact an expert close to you who can intervene quickly , such as Artisan Stores . It is especially important to avoid forcing the blocked mechanism so as not to aggravate the failure. Moreover, to avoid this type of disappointment, take care to regularly clean each slat of your shutter, especially after bad weather, because water can also be harmful to the roller shutters by rusting the mechanism. The mechanism must also be lubricated regularly.

Rolling shutter out of order: when to call a professional?

Unusual sound in use

If, when you operate your roller shutters, you hear an abnormal noise, it is very likely that they are damaged. As soon as you hear this noise, you shouldn’t wait too long , as the motor may need to be replaced.

When to call a technician

If your shutters do not want to lower and get stuck in the trunk while emitting a strange sound, then it is necessary to use the services of an expert in order to realign the slats in the apron or to replace them entirely. .

The damaged crank

The crank operates the shutters system to close or open them, so it is imperative to keep it in good condition for your shutters to function properly. The cause of a malfunction may be too violent handling . The problem can also be with the apron or the winding shaft. In this case, you must call a professional to change the crank.

Broken shutter blades

This case obviously requires a replacement of the blades. If you keep shutters with damaged slats, they will not roll up properly in the trunk and your shutters will be virtually unusable. This rather delicate intervention requires the knowledge of a professional . Repairing its shutters without the help of an expert can have many drawbacks: the blades are sharp and can injure you, the operation also requires a certain mastery of the device and any mishandling, no matter how small, can make the device completely out of use, it is better to rely on a professional for this type of delicate work.

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