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There is such a thing as too many appliances, something you may notice when you get older. Fortunately, the world is always moving forward with technology. this means that some essential appliances come with little extras to make your life even easier.

Take, for example, the oven microwave combination. These appliances are able to use both microwave energy and fan air to heat your food. But why would anyone need them both in one appliance? Let’s take a look.

Heating Evenly

Sometimes you buy a food product designed for the microwave with the intention of following the instructions to the letter. However, you can still find that your food ends up cold in the middle, no matter how close you stick to the guidelines on the packet. You could always zap the food for a bit longer, but some foods such as chicken and fish can make you ill if not prepared properly. Do you really want to take the risk again?

Instead, an oven-microwave combo allows you to use the oven setting to warm up the rest of your meal evenly. This means that you can reliably heat up your food while also taking advantage of the speed that microwave cooking provides.

Saving Space

It may seem obvious but combining both your oven and microwave into one device is going to save you a lot of space in your kitchen. Some kitchens only leave you with a small amount of room on your counters, and this space is a luxury for those who consider themselves experienced cooks.

Why not give yourself that little bit of extra room by combining two of the main devices in your kitchen? There really is no downside to this approach.


The hardest part of cooking a large meal for multiple people is balancing your timings. You have to rush between appliances so quickly while also trying to prepare the next food item. This all makes cooking seem more stressful than it actually is. So, wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself a little bit of breathing room?

Adding both appliances to the same unit saves you time rushing between tools so that you can focus on more important matters. Therefore, combining an oven and microwave is the best way to speed up your meal preparation.


As you can imagine, an oven microwave combination is going to be more expensive than a standard oven. Both functions give you the benefits listed above; so, it makes sense that this appliance would cost a bit more. However, you will also notice that these devices are cheaper than having to buy both an oven and microwave together. So, you may as well go for the cheaper oven microwave combination if you are planning on using both appliances in your kitchen.


In a world where we are all trying to save space and be sustainable, combining two appliances like this can only be a good thing. Therefore, you may want to consider investing in an oven-microwave combination.

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