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It can be described as a wide and low model of a sofa with a back, which is often found at the headboard. The traditional version looks concise and relaxed. The differences in design are in the lifting mechanism, with the help of which some types of beds are placed and acquire the size of a normal sleeping place. In another embodiment, said mechanism is integrated only in the frame of the ottoman.

However, don’t mistake it for a bed. Both options have certain qualities.

The first can be used for both sleeping and sitting, the second has an exclusive purpose for sleeping.

An ottoman is a ready-to-use type of sleeping place with a mattress, for a bed it must be purchased separately.

The first type of furniture is equipped with a folding mechanism and drawers for clothes.

 It is interesting that the ottoman is much more common in Asian countries, its height from the floor is 30-40 cm, but we have the classic version – a bed with a height of 50-65 cm.


When it comes to furniture selection, it requires deep and detailed consideration. This approach will help you choose the option that meets all the buyer’s expectations. To begin with, it is worth getting acquainted with the advantages of an ottoman bed:

Functionality, versatility. Such an item of furniture can be used in the living room, in the bedroom. It is used to sit, relax and also sleep.

Compactness Due to its small size and transformability, the ottoman can be installed even in small rooms.

The products are completed with linen drawers, which help to empty the cabinets.

The mattress cannot be replaced. Therefore, with any damage, you will have to buy a new ottoman.

Resilience For sleep to benefit the spine, a fairly hard, non-elastic surface is needed. This type of bed does not meet these requirements.

The original ottoman has a high cost.

After considering all the positive and negative sides, you can proceed to the selection of a specific model.

Some models may seem very unsuccessful, but nonetheless, they exist, which means that there is a demand for them. The following types are presented on the modern market:

Corner ottoman bed: This modification is the most common. Because, first of all, it is she who is among the centenarians who have survived to this day. Second, you can place such a model in any corner of the room.

Sofa bed with three headboards: Such a design is strange, incomprehensible, and unsuccessful. But this is just a first impression. Such a design transforms the ottoman into a real bed, which can serve for a good rest, and its compact size and interesting design make it possible to install it in a narrow room.

Bed with orthopedic mattress: A great option, suitable for both sleeping and relaxing. Due to the curved plane, which repeats the curves of the spine and neck, the muscle tone of the loads in these areas is reduced, which contributes to relaxation.

Ottoman bed with separate spring blocks: Such models are created solely to increase the level of comfort. The essence of the design is that each spring is in a separate capsule, due to which a uniform and even distribution of body weight occur. In this case, as necessary, you can replace one or more springs without damaging the entire mattress. Such an ottoman sofa for the bedroom is best suited.

With armrests. This option is a combination of sofa and ottoman.

Ottoman bed with drawers. The appeal of this type is that in the additional sections that are under the bed, you can store bedding and other things. A model is suitable for small apartments, rooms, where any place needs to be used with benefit.


Like most modern furniture, an ottoman can be made from a wide variety of materials. For upholstery, textiles, leather or their substitutes are used. The basis of the product is usually metal and wood. There are combined options, for example, a wooden base frame and a metal retractable mechanism. According to the above criteria, the following varieties are distinguished:

Wooden deck chair: Such a model means a folding ottoman bed. With this way of manufacturing, all the soft part is attached to the wooden frame. It can be produced from oak, pine, cedar, and other types of trees. The strength and price of the model depend on the type selected.

Solid wood ottoman bed: It implies a solid base that gives stability and resistance to the furniture. Typically, such models exclude the presence of mechanical additions and are characterized by small dimensions.

Metal sun lounger: This option is quite rare. But at the same time, it can be a good alternative for wooden furniture. The stability of the structure depends on the quality of the metal, and the technology itself allows you to embed a sliding mechanism in the sofa. Advantage: relatively cheap price.

PPU (polyurethane foam) or springs are used as padding for the mattress. In the latter embodiment, block designs are found. Clarifying information about the filling in a particular model should be directly from a store consultant.


During its existence, the ottoman has undergone changes in the design of its mechanism. Some options have been created or finalized, while others have gone into the distant past. The following designs are considered the most popular:

Folding ottoman with drawers:The simplest and most understandable plan of operation. To get a bunk bed, you must stretch the bed base forward. At the same time, the back falls to the empty part of the frame. At the bottom, there are drawers that are perfect for storing any item.

Eurobook: To increase the berth with this option, it is necessary to raise the base of the sofa to activate the mechanism and to change it slightly to increase the usable area. The back also lowers to a horizontal position.

Ottomans with a lifting transformation mechanism should be distinguished into a separate category since in this direction there is another division into the following three categories:

Manual type of mechanism: The mattress and the frame part of the base are interconnected by special loops, so you will have to manually separate and lift one part from the other.

Spring-loaded: Twists with this type take the main weight of the mattress when they are raised on themselves. Therefore, the process itself is faster, easier.

Gas shelves.A relatively new design element. Its essence lies in the use of springs that work due to compressed air.


Today, there are three standard sizes: double and single ottoman, as well as a truck. They differ from each other in terms of sleeping area:

Single type model. This option is perfect for small rooms. It will help to save space in the space while adding a place to sleep. Also, these models are usually equipped with drawers, which will allow you to hide a lot of things there. Possible sizes: 80 x 90 cm, 80 x 200 cm, 90 x 190 cm, 90 x 200 cm.

One and a half ottomans.The most popular option, which is perfect for both daytime relaxation and full sleep. A 120 x 200 cm ottoman bed is considered the best option for this model.

The double type they are made only with a vertical lifting mechanism. This ottoman can be considered a full bed, it can replace a normal bed for two adults. In this embodiment, there is a box for storing things. The model is available in two sizes: 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm.

Non-standard dimensions of this type of furniture are also produced. If you need ottoman beds of a certain size, you can place an individual order from companies that provide furniture manufacturing services. In this case, the client will receive the option that will adapt to a certain type of bedroom, living room or porch. The cost of the ottoman in the order will be higher than that of the stock options.

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