Century Ply blockboard


The interior design world isn’t lacking options. With so much access to raw materials and technology, sometimes the most interesting options are right under our nose. One of these types of engineered wood available in the market is blockboards. Blockboards are an engineered wood that can be used to make furniture as a substitute for plywood.

This wood board has a core made from softwood strips placed between two layers of veneers.The wooden strips are placed edge to edge and covered between the hardwood veneer sheets, which are then glued together under high heat and pressure. The strips are placed length ways in the core to achieve maximum strength.

This type of wood is generally used to make bookshelves, closets, doors, chairs, wall paneling, partition walls, and more. They are widely used for furniture as they do not bend or sag in the middle and being stiffer, they last for a long time. This type of wood is usually available in two types of grades – BWP grade and MR grade. Softwood strips used for making blockboard sensure that they are lighter, flexible, and easier to cut in comparison to other available materials.

Besides this, they also have a good screw holding capacity and a great resistance to warping. If you are looking for a beautiful finish then this board is available in laminated, veneered, and melamine types.

The benefits of blockboards  

  • Blockboards are lighter in weight compared to plywood and MDF. Because of this, it’s easier to transport, and the cost of labor and setting up is decreased. Being lightweight, they also exert less pressure on the door or cupboard hinges increasing the longevity of the furniture.
  • Due to their affordability and high quality, blockboards sourced from a good supplier will cost much less without compromising on quality. Due to this, it is quite popular among homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers.
  • Blockboards have the ability to resist bending and sagging unlike solid timber and this makes it ideal to be used in tables, benches, wall cabinets, and long closets and bookshelves.
  • The boards come treated with special adhesives under extreme heat and pressure to make them resistant to termites, borers, and also other types of harmful chemicals. Although it is advised to wipe the surface with a dry microfibre cloth and not use any hard abrasives.
  • Blockboards by nature when manufactured are designed in such a way that the strength is uniformly distributed under pressure and heat which is further reinforced.
  • Blockboards are poor conductors of heat, sound, and electricity and this makes it a practical choice for many commercial and residential buildings as well as engineering applications like switchboards, manufacturing doors, wall panels and even to cover the building wiring.
  • This type of wood is easy to handle and stable so it doesn’t bend easily. Blockboards that are old can be reclaimed and reused in other types of applications which makes them one of the most eco-friendly products.
  • Blockboard comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses so you can pick whether you want a long one or a short one.

In Conclusion 

Nowadays, there are a lot of applications and uses for Century Ply blockboard for indoor as well as outdoor furniture. It can be used right from wall panels, partition walls, tables book shelves, vanities and more. It’s a great choice if you want to go in for a product that is long-lasting, high quality, convenient, and not to mention affordable. Blockboards also come in a wide range of choices, sizes, textures, and finishes, so you will never run out of options.

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