Furniture Buying Mistakes


If you own a home, it will likely be your most valuable possession, followed by your automobile. After that, you’ve most likely invested the most in your furniture.

The consequences may not be as high if you purchase an uncomfortable chair as they are if you purchase a substandard home or a defective vehicle. Still, you will likely spend thousands of dollars on furniture over the years. Remember these guidelines the next time you’re shopping for furniture in Singapore.


Don’t forget to measure the space beforehand to ensure that the new furniture will suit. You’d be surprised at the number of furniture purchases that never make it into a home because the buyer failed to measure the furniture or omitted to account for hallways, doors, lifts and staircases (and paying the restocking charge is wasted money).


A sofa that appears to be the perfect size in the store may appear too large or too small in your living space. It isn’t easy to evaluate the quality of something based on a photograph or a showroom display. Also, be sure to measure to ensure that the scale of your new item matches the remainder of the room. Constantly, designers attempt to prevent this by utilising space planning.

Test Before Purchasing

When purchasing a settee, recliner, or chair, you should always evaluate its quality. What if that incredibly fashionable sofa is so uncomfortable that you never want to relax on it? Your furniture should always make life simpler and more pleasant. You should lie down on the store’s test product to determine whether you would truly use it at home. If you are purchasing furniture online, you should first visit the store to test it out. Additionally, it is necessary to access and close cupboards and doors to ensure their functionality.

Impulsive Buying

Buying impulsively is one of the most common errors when purchasing furniture. Sometimes the price seems irresistible; sometimes, the piece appears too good to pass up; and sometimes, you’re in a rush to make your home look good before visitors arrive. Resist the urge to make an impulsive decision; regretting your choice, in the long run, is not worth it!

Paying Too Much

When purchasing furniture, there are numerous opportunities to save money. You can always wait for special sales, for instance. However, you may also inquire if the store offers special discounts, particularly if you are purchasing multiple items. If you cannot make a single sum payment, you may wind up paying exorbitantly high-interest rates on buy-now, pay-later financing plans.

Not Giving Sufficient Consideration to Colour

A hue that does not appear to be overpowering in the showroom may become so in your residence. Always bring home a colour swatch or pillow to determine how it will look like in your residence. Additionally, when purchasing a sofa online, remember that the colour on the screen may differ from the actual product. Request a fabric sample, as many businesses will provide one upon request.

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