Car Wirings of Rodents


Rodents love to hide behind the car engine as they feel the place is warm and safe. They are always active and can chew car wirings not for food but out of habit. It can be a big headache for you as you may suddenly notice your vehicle is not starting due to the snapping of wires. On further inspection, you will find the extent of damage done by rodents

You need to call residential pest control in Madison to eradicate rodents from your garage and engine area of the car.

The need for calling the pest control company is more in winter as the rodents and other pests like rats, mice, and squirrels seek warm places to hide. Rodents find themselves warm and comfy inside a car engine.

However, you can follow the following steps to keep your car wirings out of the reach of rodents;

Keep Your Car Parking Area Clean: The rodents may like to come to an area, which is dark and partially damp. It is always wise to keep lights on in your car parking area. Bright lights may discourage rodents to visit your garage area.

Rodents might enter your car through small vents or when the door of a car is left open. Rodents can ruin your seat by gnawing the road and invading the warm car engine area to cut wires.

Don’t Litter Food Crumbs in Car Parking Area or Garage: Crumbles of bread, biscuits, and wafers-chips can be attractive food items for rodents. Don’t ever throw food items in or around your car, parking area, or garage. The smell of food attracts rodents.

Sprinkle or Wash Car Parking Area with Strong Smelling Disinfectants: Rodents have a strong smelling sense. They dislike powerfully smelling areas as the floor or wall is washed with disinfectants and germicidal agents. It can discourage rodents from entering the car-parking lot or garage.

Always Keep Garage Door, Windows Tightly Closed: Blocking the entry points of the garage is a must to keep your car wiring safe from rodent attacks.

The coating of wires is not food for rodents, but they chew it to keep their teeth sharp and out of a natural or instinctive tendency to keep their teeth busy.

Ensure Walls, and Floors in Your Car Parking Area Do not have Holes or Vents: The rodents, mice, rats, and squirrels are always busy in search of holes, large fissures, cracks, or vents to enter inside a place.

Once they enter your garage, their next target will be your car most preferably the battery area or engine compartments.

In Conclusion

Following the above tips, you can prevent rodents from gnawing your car engine wires. You also need to get all entry points plugged in to prevent their entry. Rodents can discover many ways to enter inside the engine or battery area of your car. They are very intelligent creatures and know how to do it. So, you need to stay vigilant about them.

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