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Fleas, ticks, and various other parasites can be harmful to pets because of the prospective danger of viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections. Several of these illnesses and viruses can be deadly or trigger life-long difficulties that can make your pet’s life less enjoyable. Here are several of the most typical pests for pets– a few you most likely know about and also some that might amaze you.


Fleas feast on blood and often select canines and pet cats as one of their favorite blood sources. They replicate swiftly, so it is tough to keep them off as soon as a single flea has latched onto your family pet’s hair. Fleas can leap thousands of backyards from host to host, so it is rather simple for pets to find touching fleas via other pets or the environment.


Ticks are similar to fleas in how they make use of pets as a food resource for blood, although they are extra dangerous because they likewise carry bacteria and diseases. Female ticks are uniquely dangerous because they can launch a contaminant that can incapacitate your animal.

Flea, tick, and termite treatment Adelaide control must be taken seriously when an infestation is first discovered since it might cause more significant health problems.

Pests like ticks and fleas are apparent irritants, but what are some other parasites that can affect your fuzzy close friend?

The most typical insects aside from fleas and ticks that injure pets consist of roaches, ants, and mosquitoes. These pests can live inside your home, where your pet dog sleeps and relaxes, or outside where they play and run. So, whether your pet dog lives inside or out, there is absolutely no escape from these pesky creatures.


Cockroaches and other insects can be hazardous to your animal upon consumption. Additionally, they pose a risk of infecting your pet dog’s food or water. Not just do they bring different bacteria but also an illness that is unsafe to human beings. However, they also get bloodsuckers that can create stomach worms in animals.


Most ants’ bites are safe. Nonetheless, fire ant bites can result in extreme repercussions that can have long-lasting effects on your family members as well as family pets. Fire ant venom can be harmful to smaller-sized animals and human beings with well-known allergens. Signs of fire ant bites include breaking down, exhaustion, and anaphylaxis.


Several might not know that insects can bite pets just as they attack people. Insects are recognized to transfer different illnesses, and they can additionally be heartworm providers. In extreme cases, if left untreated, heartworms can result in fatality.

For more details on parasites damaging to your good hairy friend, contact the neighborhood guys pest control company, the Adelaide pest control company that pet dog proprietors depend on.

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