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So many people love owning fluffy rugs due to their unique style and underfoot comfort, and it’s safe to say that shag rugs have made a huge comeback in recent years to the point that they’re one of the most popular rug styles in today’s marketplace!

This of course is huge for fluffy rug lovers everywhere, but anyone who owns fluffy rugs knows all too well how they can sometimes be difficult to maintain. The high pile and cozy rug fibers can attract dirt and all sorts of other debris on a daily basis, so it’s absolutely critical for fluffy rug owners to know how to properly take care of their investments.

So below we’re going over a few tips on how to better maintain your home’s fluffy rugs for the long term!

Always Be Sure To Test Out Any Cleaning Methods First

 It’s important to remember how every fluffy rug is unique and has different materials, so no matter what, you should always test out a cleaning method on a small portion of your rug to see what happens.

This is particularly important when it comes to using cleaning products, so be careful when you’re trying out something new on your home’s fluffy rugs!

Regular Vacuuming 

Some people think it’s a bad idea to vacuum fluffy rugs, but the truth is that carefully vacuuming is always good for this rug style. It’s never good to be reckless with your fluffy rug vacuuming, because this can potentially lead to the rug fibers becoming stuck inside the vacuum.

So always be sure to vacuum your fluffy rugs on at least a weekly basis, and be careful while doing so!

Consider Utilizing A Rug Rake 

Another great option to keep in mind when it comes to your fluffy rug upkeep is to use a rug rake as well as your vacuum. Although this method may take longer, you’ll be able to carefully comb out all the debris within your rug without risking anything.

Carpet rakes are useful for all sorts of rug cleaning, and they’re particularly useful when you need to get rid of excessive pet hair that has become lodged within your fluffy rug fibers.

Give Your Fluffy Rug A Good Smack Or Shake! 

Sometimes a fluffy rug just needs a rigorous shaking to get all the dust and debris out of it, and this is especially the case for larger-sized area rugs. When you have a large, fluffy rug, you’ll need some extra hands to hold it upright before giving it a good and proper shake.

You’ll of course want to make sure that the dirt and debris doesn’t blow in the wind straight towards you in this cleaning strategy, but there’s no denying that every rug needs a good shaking or smacking every now and again to get debris out of lodged areas.

Vinegar Spot Cleaning 

Another effective DIY rug cleaning method is to use vinegar for spot cleaning stains and other areas that have become discolored in your fluffy rug. This type of solution should consist of warm water and vinegar, and you should always be gentle while scrubbing out these types of stains.

You’ll then simply leave your rug out to dry and it’ll be looking and smelling great in no time!

Professional Steam Cleaning 

Nothing does the job quite as well as professional steam cleaning when it comes to taking good care of fluffy rugs. This is by far one of the most effective methods to fully eliminate all dust, odors and debris that has accumulated deep within your rug’s fibers.

And what’s great is that you can have experienced professionals do this type of rug cleaning for you, so you won’t have to worry about the job being half done!

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There’s so much that goes into fluffy rug cleaning, and the above tips are just the beginning in terms of everything you need to keep in mind for this type of area rug upkeep.

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