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The bedroom space is an important part of the house since it allows us to relax and revitalize after a long day. The right bedroom interior design can help to create a soothing mood which you will need for a peaceful and leisurely time at your home. Using wallpapers for bedroom interior design can give an enticing look to your bedroom walls while also complementing your bedroom décor.

You can choose to create a wonderful accent wall or cover the entire bedroom wall space with an appropriate house wallpaper. Besides, the application process of wallpapers is much easier and simpler than paints which can be completed in a matter of hours. Here’s a look at different bedroom wallpaper designs that you can select to create a mesmerizing bedroom space.

Damask Wallpaper Collection for a Vintage Bedroom Look

Create a rustic and regal mood in your bedroom with the use of Damask wallpaper designs. Damask wallpapers can help to create a vintage-era look while providing a sense of royalty and elegance in your bedroom. Use an appropriate Damask wallpaper design to create a traditional-looking accent wall for your bedroom headboard. Damask wallpaper designs can also go well with traditional wooden décor and furniture in your bedroom.

Wallpaper Designs with Plain Textures for Bedroom Walls

The use of a house wallpaper with textures has been on the trending list for a long time due to a variety of appealing designs. Wallpapers with plain textures are best for creating accent walls for placing appliances, furniture, or artwork in your bedroom. Using wallpapers with plain textures can add depth to your bedroom walls and give a riveting look to your bedroom space.

Botanical Wallpaper Designs for Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Space

The bedroom should create an environment for you that will help you to relax and rejuvenate after a long tiring day. Using botanical wallpaper designs in your bedroom can help to create a sense of connection to nature which will in turn generate a wave of serenity. You can pair the botanical wallpaper designs with dark colour bedroom décor to create a contrasting look for your bedroom.

Striped Wallpaper Collection for Vibrant Bedroom Walls

Using striped wallpaper with dominant vertical lines can instantly make your bedroom look taller and more spacious. Striped wallpaper is best for designing a small bedroom space to utilize the ceiling height to make the bedroom look spacious. Striped wallpaper designs can also add a sense of symmetry and simplicity to your bedroom space making it more comfortable for your leisure time.

Tribal Wallpaper Designs for Creating a Peculiar Bedroom Space

If you want to create a bedroom space which stands apart from the ordinary, then you can use a tribal wallpaper design. Wallpapers with tribal designs can help to create an eccentric look in your bedroom that will be inspired by particular tribal groups. Create a bold statement by covering all your bedroom walls with a suitable tribal wallpaper design to create a mix of quirk and suave in your bedroom space.

Plain Wallpaper Collection for a Sense of Simplicity

If you want to do a quick makeover of your bedroom without much hassle, then using a plain wallpaper design is your best option. Plain wallpaper can easily replace the process of painting as it will be much easier to apply while creating the same feel and effect on your bedroom walls. There are a variety of plane wallpapers which you can choose with a shine or matte effect to provide that extra visual delight to your eyes.

Choosing the right wallpaper according to the colour and decor of your bedroom can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Asian Paints will provide the necessary consultation for all your questions and needs for applying the right wallpaper design to your bedroom walls. Select from a range of different wallpaper designs from Asian Paints to give an uplifting look to your bedroom walls.

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