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Are you looking for small or part-time janitorial services for commercial cleaning? The appearance of your facility impacts how your clients see your business. A clean, sanitary, and fresh facility leaves a good first impression and projects your professional competence. If you need to portray a good image to your clients, Baltimore Janitorial offers a wide range of cleaning services.

Janitorial services.

Baltimore janitorial services know your facility’s appearance matters, so they help you project a healthy image to your clients. Janitorial services should have a well-trained cleaning team who work to exacting standards. The management inspects their work and informs you of any matter regarding your facility. Property and office managers face cleaning challenges that Baltimore janitorial understands. When the janitorial team resolves cleaning challenges, your employees will be able to focus their energy and time on the core business activity. Depending on your business needs and environment, choose a janitorial team offering both green and conventional cleaning solutions.

A well-maintained and clean commercial building is essential to the health of potential customers, employees, and occupants. It is a challenging, extensive, and time-consuming task to manage the janitorial needs of the facility. Outsourcing the commercial janitorial services to a third-party company is recommended. A professional cleaning service will use state-of-the-art processes, tools, and solutions to:

  • Prevent pathogens and germs from spreading.
  • Keep the indoor air quality fresh.
  • Increase the lifespan of commercial premises assets.

To enhance the health, overall productivity, and satisfaction of your visitors and employees, hire professional janitorial services. Assess your business’s budget, requirements, and preferences before choosing a janitorial services company. Ensure the company provides a wide range of services. When the work environment is healthy and clean, the employee’s productivity is increased.

Services offered.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services.
  • Trash removal.
  • Floor care services.
  • Recycling programs.
  • Carpet care.
  • Green cleaning.
  • Emergency services.
  • Restroom sanitation.
  • Window cleaning.

You can also get special facility services like:

  • Handyman services.
  • Pest control.
  • Snow removal.

Janitorial services process.

After researching, contacting your references, getting the quote, and deciding on the janitorial provider, arrange a meeting to show them around the building so that they know what the cleaning entails. You will explain your requirements and needs to the provider, who will make recommendations and suggestions on how to meet them. The specific services provided and the building size makes the cost of commercial janitorial and cleaning services vary.

According to your needs, the janitorial provider will send a team to the site to ensure your business is thoroughly disinfected, cleaned, and sanitized. If satisfied with the services provided, arrange recurring appointments according to your schedule. The best janitorial provider should offer varying cleaning options that fit your unique budget, needs, and timeline. To ensure janitorial services are convenient for all clients, employees, and visitors there should be one-time-only services, day and night services, and 24/7 services.

What are the qualities of a good janitorial service provider?

1. Well-equipped.

If your company wants to protect indoor air quality and maintain a healthy environment, the service providers use green cleaning products. Safety is a major concern for facility managers therefore janitorial providers should be extra careful when providing deep-cleaning services like disinfecting and cleaning the carpet. The products used for cleaning and disinfecting should be of high quality and non-hazardous. Eco-friendly cleaning products are available at affordable pricing to ensure guaranteed safety while staying within the budget. The provider must have the proper equipment and tools to complete a specific task operation. The equipment should be properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications to prolong its service life.

2. Strong communication.

Customer expectations are easily fulfilled if the commercial janitorial service provider communicates well. To maintain proper communication, the provider should use different forms of communication technologies such as email and mobile phones.

A janitorial provider that adheres to professional standards creates a long-term positive relationship with their clients. The cleaning staff should be well trained, screened, and their criminal background checked. The janitorial provider should respond to your requests, and concerns, and give you feedback.


Commercial facilities like airports, offices, educational institutions, public gyms, industries, healthcare, and banks need janitorial services to portray a good image to their clients. Baltimore Janitorial offers a wide range of services which includes carpet care, daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services, trash removal, floor care services, recycling programs, green cleaning, and emergency services.

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