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If you live in Clearwater, you know that there’s a bounty of natural beauty on your doorstep, including clear blue water and white sandy beaches. 

If you’re a Clearwater resident, you also know that there’s a risk of flooding and hurricanes in the area. While these natural disasters vary in frequency and ferocity, they do have the potential to cause damage to your home. Clearwater restoration services are available to help you get your home back to normal after a flood or storm. 

Clearwater restoration services for water damage 

Homes in Clearwater are built to withstand storms and natural disasters, however, sometimes there’s no avoiding water damage to your home. You might find that there’s a leak in your roof or you accidentally leave a door open during a storm. 

It’s not just natural disasters that can lead to water damage, it could be a burst pipe in your home. 

The most important thing to do if your home is flooded and water-damaged is to remove the water as soon as possible and mitigate any long-term damage – like mold – and get your home back to being comfortable and secure for your family. 

There may be many areas in your home in need of restoration, depending on the extent of the damage and a Clearwater restoration service will help bring back your flooring, walls, windows doors and upholstery. 

Get the latest news on Flood Pros USA

Flood Pros USA is a reliable, professional and accredited Clearwater restoration service and can provide you with a variety of restoration services for your home including water damage and mold removal as well as:

  • Cleaning services 
  • Fire damage restoration 

Read the latest news on Flood Pros USA, including how they are helping clients in the Clearwater area using the latest technology to restore their homes after damage.

Mold removal with Clearwater restoration services 

Mold can show up in your home for a few reasons:

  • It can develop after a flood in your home
  • Humidity and lack of aeration in your home can cause mold 
  • Your water pipes are leaking and you don’t notice

Mold reduction is one of the main reasons it’s essential to restore your home after a flood – if the area remains damp it’s almost certainly going to become moldy. 

You want to avoid mold in your home because it can cause damage not only to your home but also to your family’s health. Clearwater Restoration Services can help with mold removal and provide you with help and advice for ensuring that your home remains mold-free. 

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