Wall Stencilling in 2024


Want to make your guests swoon as soon as their eyes fall on your interior walls? You can now transform your interior walls into masterpieces by introducing wall stencil designs into your living space.

Wall stencil designs are picking up steam in 2024 and we are obsessed with them. Homeowners who want to incorporate patterns, designs and colours into their space but don’t want to commit to wallpapers are today considering going the wall stencilling route.

Another reason why you must check out wall stencil designs is that they are cost-effective in comparison to wallpapers, making them a perfect choice for people who want to refresh their space without breaking their bank account.

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Stencil Design for Your Home?

Clueless about which wall stencil design to integrate into your living space? Fret not, we are here to give you a few wall painting ideas and inspirations that will help you pick the perfect wall stencil designs for different rooms in your home.

1. Keep in Mind the Purpose of the Room

While a floral-themed wall stencil design will suit your bedroom, a geometric pattern wall stencil design would be perfect for your home study or kid’s room. Hence, we recommend that before you shop for a wall stencil, understand the utility of the room you are planning to decorate and accordingly choose a wall stencil design.

2. Decide on the Size of the Stencil

The size of the stencil can affect the vibe of your place dramatically. For example, intricate and minimalist stencil designs will make your place radiate a chic vibe, whereas vibrant and large patterns will make your space appear eclectic and quirky.

3. Choose the Right Material

Opt for wall stencil designs that are made in easy-to-clean materials like vinyl so that you can maintain your wall designs for years to come.

4. Hire Professional Help

While you can create wall stencil designs on your own, if you don’t have the time or are not artsy enough, you can consider hiring professional help to help you add patterns to your space.

Popular Wall Stencil Designs to Try in 2024

1. Ethnic Themed

Have a traditional or maximalist-themed house? You can further make your space appear ethnic and grounded by adding ethnic wall stencil designs into your space.

2. Nature-Inspired

Are you a nature enthusiast who is looking for ways to make your nature-themed house appear relaxing and calming? You can now consider opting for botanical-themed stencil designs like flowers, trees, leaves, etc which will bring the outdoors inside.

3. Geometric Shapes

Looking for a wall stencil design for your living room or kid’s room that screams optimism and fun? We recommend that you check out wall stencil designs in geometric shapes. This wall stencil design is perfect for people who have minimalist or contemporary styles of houses.

4. Abstract Designs

Feeling whimsical? You can consider introducing abstract wall stencil designs into your home decor. This wall stencil design is a great choice for people who have modern, mid-century modern and minimalist styles of houses.

The Bottomline

Choosing wall stencil designs is easy if you follow the easy tips and hacks mentioned above. So, go ahead and introduce some fun, quirky or minimalist wall stencil designs into your living space and make your walls the talk of the next dinner party you host at your place.

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