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How would you define your home? A place where you experience love, care, and warmth; also the safest place for us, so, we try to give the same love back in any and every way. Regardless of how small or big our house is, where it is situated and how we have decided to run it according to our beliefs — we decorate it and take care of it to the best of our efforts. From lighting a small candle every evening at our favorite corner to buying expensive furniture – we have done it all.

So when we think about decorating our home we mostly focus on the rooms —  the living room, guest room, bathrooms, bedrooms, prayers rooms, or reading rooms. By the end of our decor endeavors, your entire house reflects your personality and the love and care that went into it. Having a stairway in your house becomes an added place for decor which is mostly overlooked. Staircase wall painting ideas or creative staircase wall decorating ideas can be confusing and intriguing at the same time. So, today we will help you and sort you out for your next staircase ideas near the entrance. Here are a few staircase wall painting ideas that you can use to make your stairway a splendid place!

1. Abstract art for the win

One of the better creative staircase wall decorating ideas is to indulge in colors and creativity, something that you can spot in abstract art. Abstract art usually tends to confuse the viewer but considering this to be a part of your staircase is the perfect place since when someone whizzes past the staircase, they don’t tend to admire the artwork and for such cases, abstract art is the best. This leaves the meaning of the painting the best with the viewer – you can interpret it the way you want to. So, for decorating ideas for stairs and hallways, don’t look further and line up a few abstract art pieces for your staircase.

2. Let Pattachitras do the talking!

When considering decorating ideas for stairs and hallways, don’t be shy and start with something magnificent. An artwork that rightly reflects the gloriousness of artistry is the Pattachitra painting. Pattachitra painting is known for its grandeur and storytelling art and who wouldn’t like to tell their guests a story with visual grandeur? An original Pattachitra painting is made on cotton sarees with tamarind paste which usually takes a very long time and hence, are considered very precious. And since such precious artworks can burn a hole in your pocket, we have the perfect alternative for you! Invest in these framed Pattachita prints which are ideal for a staircase wall painting idea. For anyone who uses your stairway, a Ramayana pattachitra painting will enchant them with the entire story of Ramayana wrapped in a single frame or a horizontally done pattachitra painting that tells the story of your loved deities – Lord Ganeshaand Lord Krishna. So treat your stairway with love and give them some well-deserved majestic views!

3.Mirror and lights

It’s understandable for you to lean towards artworks when you consider staircase wall art design from outside but look around you and you can always turn mundane things into amusing decor just by adding some dazzling lights to them. Mirrors and lights are a combination that immediately brings a spark to your eyes – these can be in the form of modern framed mirrors or vintage art mirrors paired with basic lamps or even tea lights hung around that can make your staircase look like a dream.With all the light that your pretty mirrors will be reflecting, you’re going to stop and stare at yourself a lot. So for creative staircase wall decorating ideas, we suggest mirrors and lights and a perfect selfie spot for yourself.

4.Home is where the family is

Sometimes, there’s no better way than decorating your home with a personal touch and this personal touch comes in the form of framed family photos that adorn several rooms of your home already. They reflect the love and warmth you have towards your family, so, for staircase ideas near entrance, we suggest you a family photo montage. A family photo montage set in a monochromatic or even colorful tone will make for a lovely decor idea for your staircase wall. Not only will this decor give a peek into our family but also tell a short story to your guests about your life. Personalize creative staircase wall decorating ideas through your loved ones.

5.Centre of attraction

Are you a person who believes in minimalism and making a statement by investing in lone artifacts that would stun your guests? Then we have this idea especially for you; ever thought how much decor has thrown you off because of the plethora of options that are available in the market today? Staircase wall painting ideas can be tempting but by putting a single large painting that makes a statement and suits your idea of minimalism, it can make your stairway look elegant. For decorating ideas for stairs and hallways consider the Classical Indian Art collection or the magical Starry Nights by Vincent Van Gogh.  An XL-sized painting from either of the collection will steal the show and make your staircase a standing gallery!

6.Vincent Van Gogh and friends

A lovely idea for your staircase can be a running theme in the form of modern artworks and paintings. Artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau, Paul Gauguin, Edwarch Much, and Georges Seurat have created stunning artworks in their lifetime and this will aptly suit your stairway. A couple of artworks from all these artists, from the first stair to the last and each step of your staircase will turn into an intriguing and heavenly journey for any art lover.

7.Classical Indian artwork

If you’re not a fan of modern artworks and would like to spend your time gazing at a traditional Indian painting, then we don’t have one, but many options for you! Classical Indian painting can be a jewel for your home and an Indian-themed decor will make your stairway look stunningly authentic. Staircase ideas near entrance can be in the form of a classical Indian painting – be it a Madhubani painting, Kalighat painting, Pichwai painting, Pattachitra painting, Mughal painting, Rajasthani painting, or a Gond painting. Not one but more than six options to pick from! So for your next decorating ideas for stairs and hallways don’t look any further and treat yourself to an authentic Indian painting

8.A combination of both!

Who said you have to choose between one of the ideas and themes? Your home is your canvas and you can decorate it the way you want to. If you feel confused by the idea of having to choose from one, then we have a solution for you – pick both! The perfect art for your staircase wall art design from outside doesn’t have to be defined by themes but by the way you showcase them – with love, care, and pride. Pack your stairway with a few traditional Indian artworks and then add a few modern artworks too. Let your inner child loose and decorate your stairway in any way you like because, at the end of the day, it’s your home and your stairway to heaven.

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