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If you are considering making changes to the inside of your house, it doesn’t always take a total renovation to make a drastic difference. The interior doors play a huge role in the look and feel of any space and switching out a door can be exactly the type of change that you need.

So, what style of door should you use? That depends on the style of your home as well as the type of change you want to make.

Here are 8 different styles that you could use to get that shift you are looking for.

  1. Barn Doors

Top-mounted, sliding barn doors can add a rustic charm to any room. By using stainless steel hardware and dark colours, you can achieve a more modern look if that is the style you are looking for.

  1. Pocket Doors

Adding a pocket door can be a challenge if the cavity that the pocket door slides into isn’t already existing. However, a pocket door allows you to save space while at the same time creating a conversation piece.

  1. Craftsman Doors

A custom-built, hand-crafted door can be exactly the accent you need to spice up your interior space. They are beautiful, one of a kind and can be customized to the colorscheme of the room or made to match (or contrast) the flooring. The possibilities are endless with craftsman-style doors.

  1. Bi-Fold Doors

According to Neil from Doors Galore “The bi-fold door has gone in and out of style of the decades.”  The interesting thing about bi-fold doors is that they come in a multitude of different materials that can match almost any décor. Particularly for a linen closet or a bathroom door, bi-fold might be exactly the style of door you need for both functionality and style.

  1. Doors That Boost Natural Light

“Let there be light!” Doors that allow in the natural light often make the largest difference in the feel of the room. Especially if the adjoining room has a lot of windows, such as a kitchen or great room. Flooding a room with natural light will accentuate the existing colors, highlight plant life and make any pieces of art stand out.

  1. Artful Doors

Artful is a subjective term but any door that has a dramatic or interesting flair can be considered an artful door. It could be painted a bright accent color, be a chalkboard door so that the art can be updated or have a mural style painting on it. When it comes to art, you can make the rules.

  1. Frosted Glass Doors

A classic, elegant look. Frosted glass is a great option for separating a dining room from a kitchen area or a living room from a neighboring space. Sometimes, a little privacy goes a long way.

  1. Knotty Woods

Highlighting the complex and intricate knots of a wooden door will radically alter the look of any space. These types of doors work extremely well for bathrooms or bedroom doors.

The beautiful thing is that there is a different style and type of door for every space or taste. The only rules you have to follow are your own. So, what are you waiting for? Those doors won’t choose themselves.

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