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Art Deco furniture has been around since the 1920s and 1930s. While it’s not exactly old, it’s undoubtedly more retro than modern. These pieces can be precious to collectors—but even if you aren’t in the market to sell, they look great in any home and can add an authentic touch of class to your home. If you’re looking to buy one or need some more inspiration, this guide will show you what Art Deco furniture you need in your home and how to best incorporate it into your overall style.

1. Storage Chests Art Deco Furniture

Simple and elegant art deco storage chests are a great example of how old art deco furniture can add a touch of timeless elegance to your home. With their intricate details, clean lines, and streamlined silhouette, these pieces not only serve as functional furniture that will keep your belongings safe but also look great in any room in your house. Depending on their size and style, these chests can function as bedside tables or a beautiful way to keep clothes tidy in your bedroom.

For even more storage space without sacrificing valuable floor space, you could choose Art Deco Walnut Chest of Drawers from one of many different styles of dressers from The Furniture Rooms! With plenty of drawer space for all your clothing needs, you’ll never have to worry about where you’re going to store something again! And with such a wide range of design options available for each piece of furniture, you will be able to find something that fits both your taste and your home perfectly.

2. Bedroom Art Deco Sets

Consider art deco bedroom furniture. Art deco is a sleek style and looks great in your bedroom, whether you’re going for a retro-cool look or adding more modern touches to a room. And when it comes to wardrobes, you can’t go wrong with Art deco wardrobe pieces. They’re usually compact and offer ample storage options while still giving off that stylish vibe.

You could also consider buying art deco bedside cabinets out of solid mahogany if you want to add some sophistication to your home but don’t have much floor space available. It’s always good to be aware of what styles are trending in interior design so you can stay ahead of new styles and get yourself a piece before everyone else does! Consequently, you won’t end up paying through the nose for an item of classic old art deco furniture;instead, you’ll be able to snap up something unique at affordable prices.

3. Mid-Century Art Deco Furniture

If you’re into mid-century modern style but look for something more original than an Eames chair, turn to art deco furniture. The mid-century gave rise to some absolutely incredible and relatively affordable art deco furniturepieces as beautiful as functional. One good mid-century modern furniture style that would be perfect in your home is a pair of armchairs and a sofa from The Furniture Rooms designed by GioPonti for the Hotel Bristol in 1954, with leather cushions covered in canvas. It’s just one example of art deco furniture from Italian designers

You can also find mid-century table and sideboard sets from France, Germany, and beyond. With so many great examples of art deco furniture available on the market, it’s easy to upgrade your living room or bedroom without breaking the bank.

4. Art Deco Dining Room Sets

Art Deco dining room sets are crafts from unique materials, including walnut and veneers. These pieces are sleek and glamorous – just what you need to make your Art Deco-inspired dining room table shine. Whether you’re looking for a small set or a large one, we have something in our collection to suit your needs. Art deco dining table from The Furniture Rooms, produced by Leon Bernheim from Milano, Italy, is an excellent example of an art deco dining table made of Macassar ebony. It has a well-polished top,and it’s a dazzling centerpiece that is sure to turn heads when guests enter your home!


Art deco furniture can give your home a retro-modern feel that’s both cozy and elegant. If you want to bring some of these styles into your space, you don’t have to search any further or pay more than you need to—there are many vintage items available from The Furniture Rooms! Whether you’re decorating an office or looking for an old art deco dining table, there are plenty of fantastic pieces to choose from and create and make your space glamorous.

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