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Most homeowners who opt for cleaning services, usually get a monthly cleaning package. Conventional wisdom says that’s the right option since it would be cheaper than a weekly house cleaning package. However, conventional wisdom isn’t always right. You can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to clean your home. Let’s check out why a weekly house cleaning service is better than a monthly cleaning.

The Details

1. You get a better deal

Cleaning companies usually charge you more money for a monthly house cleaning service. So, if you think you’re saving money by opting for a one-time monthly cleaning session, think again. Cleaning companies take into account that a long time has passed between cleanings when customers opt for a monthly cleaning service. That means the house would be filthier, and messier and the cleaning company may need to devote more manpower and more expensive cleaning tools and supplies to properly clean your home.

When cleaning companies take the job of cleaning your home, they don’t treat it as a regular household chore. They are professionals who offer a professional and high-quality service and that’s why they like to be meticulous and thorough at their job. So, when you hire monthly cleaning services, they need to spend more resources to meet their own standards.

While prices vary in the cleaning industry, weekly cleaning packages are usually a great bargain compared to monthly cleaning packages. Since the gap between cleaning sessions is reduced drastically, the workload would be lighter, and the cleaning company can maintain its standards with fewer man-hours and cleaning supplies. That’s why weekly cleaning charges are usually much lower.

Apart from that, there’s the issue of supply and demand. Like you, most homeowners assume that monthly cleaning packages are cheaper and opt for that service. With fewer people opting for weekly cleaning packages, cleaning companies are willing to offer you a bargain for those packages to keep the revenue stream flowing.

2. Weekly cleaning keeps you accountable

If you’ve ever opted for a cleaning service before, you know that you’re always in a hurry at the last minute before the cleaning company arrives. You scramble around picking out stuff and moving things to other rooms so that the cleaning crew can dedicate their time cleaning things instead of picking up clutter.

While this makes sense, you don’t want to do this every time the cleaning crew arrives. You don’t want to build a big enough mess to go into scramble mode, nor do you want to dedicate an entire day to clean up the clutter before the cleaning company arrives each month. If you’re not careful, you may even hurt yourself while you’re in a hurry. This problem can be easily solved when you opt for weekly cleaning services.

When you opt for weekly cleaning packages, you and your family memes don’t even get the opportunity to create a big enough mess or spread too much clutter. That’s reserved for bachelor pads and frat houses. Just half an hour would be more than enough to comfortably go around your home and clean up the clutter before the weekly cleaning session.

You’re also more aware and accountable since you don’t get a very long break before the next cleaning session. So, you try to keep the clutter in check and stay more organized when you opt for a weekly cleaning service. After a few weeks, it becomes second nature to you, and you don’t need to be on your toes right before the cleaning service arrives.

3. You get a fresh start every week

It’s a phenomenal feeling to walk into a fresh home that is free from dust and smells nice. Just the smell of air fresheners and the mark of vacuum on your clean carpet put a smile on your face. Common air freshener scents like pine and lemon are also scientifically proven to elevate your mood. However, the best thing about this feeling is that it didn’t come from your labor.

When you schedule a weekly cleaning at the start of the week, you sync up your activities with a clean home. It offers you a mental reset and keeps you motivated and cheerful throughout the week. This isn’t possible when you opt for monthly cleaning sessions. A weekly cleaning session gives you that extra boost and a great feeling when you return from work every Monday evening.

4. No need to worry about cleaning supplies

With monthly cleaning services, some cleaning companies require you to keep your home well stocked with the necessary cleaning supplies. People have different preferences and cleaning companies don’t keep track of your preferences for a one-time monthly cleaning session.

However, that’s not the case with a weekly cleaning package. With weekly cleaning packages, you become a valued and returning customer who brings in a steady flow of revenue each week. You even get familiar with the cleaning crew. Moreover, weekly cleaning sessions require less effort and fewer cleaning tools and supplies. That’s why the cleaning company brings all the cleaning supplies and tools while sticking to your preference and you don’t need to stock anything at home.

5. Great form of self-care

Hiring a weekly cleaning service is like giving yourself a nice gift each week. That’s why it’s a great form of self-care. Life is difficult and you have a lot of things to think about. From your relationships to responsibilities and efforts or strategies that need to be implemented to grow your career. All that induces a lot of stress and anxiety and when you come back to a messy home that stays that way for the whole month, it doesn’t reduce your stress. A weekly cleaning service is a much better option.


As mentioned above, a weekly cleaning service can get you a better bargain, help you maintain higher standards of hygiene in your home, and give you a fresh start every week. To hire professionals for the job, you can search for “cleaning services near me”.

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