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The process involved in making granite tiles and slabs hasn’t changed a lot since their use in ancient times. But the tools and equipment used in creating them have transformed dramatically.

The technologically advanced machines have reduced the time needed to create slabs and tiles from many days to just a few hours. This has basically come as a boon for granite users and suppliers.

What is even more vital is to know the differences between granite slabs in SLC and granite tiles. Those differences can clearly be seen in the following key points:

1. Counter top Designs and Edges

Edge styles are more limited with granite tile counter tops. For granite slab counter top edges, there are many styles you can have, including DuPont, French cove, bullnose, or ogee.

But for granite tile counter tops, the option is having a mitered square edge, which can have grout seams at the corner.

It is certainly possible to round off the corner slightly by shaping or grinding the edges of your tiles. This eased, or rounded edge might be more pleasing aesthetically and help prevent chipping.

2. Installation

While granite slabs are potentially delicate and heavier, they just need one-time installation. A single piece to be secured and fitted will take a short time to install compared to tiles. It may get installed by many workers in a single sitting. You will also need to look at one piece of a slab to determine if the job was done well.

On the other hand, granite tiles are lighter compared to slabs. They may get installed by one worker. Having to piece different tiles together may take more time.

You will as well need to inspect every tile individually to ensure they are aligned to perfection. In addition, tiles come in different patterns, which should be artistically matched and mixed together so as to make countertops have a cohesive appearance.

3. Beauty

Granite slabs come with unsurpassed beauty. Slabs’ rich texture and hues can add luxurious appeal to your bathroom or kitchen. Granite tiles also come in the same colors.

As a matter of fact, because tiles are not as big as slabs, they are mined from a smaller deposit. Meaning you can find more hue or color options, which are not found in granite slabs.

When it comes to appearance, one major difference you may notice with granite tiles is basically the grout used between those tiles. Based on the style you are looking for, grout might be deemphasized or accentuated to have an appealing accent.

4. Care

Unfortunately, granite tiles need grout so as to remain in place. This basically means that once granite tiles are already in place, you will have to clean the grout to maintain the appearance of your tiles.

If you don’t do this regularly, grit and food particles will take residence in the grout between your granite tiles. This is definitely an unpalatable prospect for your kitchen.

Which is a Suitable Option?

If you consider asking any granite contractor, the answer will be granite slabs. Although the cost is higher, you will have good results. As with all your investments in a home, you may want to ensure this project guarantees you a great return.

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