Only with a great deal of preparation and organization can a kitchen work efficiently. We all want a spick-and-span kitchen that smells divine. However, with the increasing demands and pressures, maintaining the cleanliness we desire has become challenging. With them come the small, basic mistakes we make, such as leaving the stove on, or the most serious, gas-related concerns. Here are the top 4 kitchen issues and how to solve them:

1. Gas leak:

Well, gas-related problems can have 2 main factors, involving your carelessness, and genuine issues that are not in your hands. The weird gas smell you notice in the middle of your tasty meal, is probably caused by your carelessness. To prevent this, make sure to check your stove before leaving the kitchen if you turned it off or not. The other concern that you can’t handle is the fault in gas plumbing. If you notice a gas smell throughout the day even when you’re sure you are not at fault, immediately call for gas plumbing services with NRJ Plumbing and get the issue checked.

2. Too much clutter:

Every kitchen has the potential to be both cluttered and uncluttered. Everything hinges on the technique in which you organize it. Here are 2 options you could choose from:

 A specific pantry:

There is no better way to organize your kitchen than with a pantry. You can customize a multi-utility cabinet or a full wall cupboard to store a variety of items in an organized manner, or you can buy a high modular unit and arrange it for your needs. Almost anything, from glassware to packaged food, can be stored.


A tiny moveable table or a trolley can fit the majority of the large and small objects that often fill the counter area. It can be used to hold cooking materials and can be moved around according to your needs.

3. Bad unwanted odor:

Our kitchen often does end up stinking at times. The cause for this could be leftover oil from yesterday night’s dinner, dampness in the sink, or trash generating an odor that is still lingering in the air.

Make sure the kitchen is quite well ventilated, and thoroughly clean the inside of the appliances and surfaces.

You can resolve this in one of two ways: either by removing the source of the problem and discarding the trash or by bringing in items that make the air fresh and fragrant. Slow but long-lasting effects are best achieved with potpourri, lemon juice, essential oils, reed diffusers, and scented candles.

4. Pest control:

Do flies and ants create havoc in your kitchen? Don’t worry, everyone has encountered this issue at some point in their lives. Flies and mosquitoes can be prevented by lighting camphor on a frequent basis. Plants like basil, lemon thyme, lavender, mint, and others can not only be utilized in the kitchen, but they also offer insect-repelling capabilities and can be used as interior plants. However, if you have a large infestation, you should use a professional pest control service.

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