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Many tools are considered must-haves in most toolkits, be it that of the professional or the DIYer. For example, most would agree that everyone should at the very least have a set of screwdrivers, a measuring tape, and a hammer. Another tool that everyone should have is an angle grinder. Here’s why.

What’s Great About Angle Grinders?

If you have never used an angle grinder, you are missing out. Obviously, if you don’t regularly undertake DIY jobs in your home, you might never need such a tool. If you love getting your hands dirty and taking care of home improvements, an angle grinder has so much to offer.

According to the folk at Devour Tools, this versatile tool has so many uses (depending on the type of angle grinder blade you use). For example, it can grind, sand, polish, shape, and cut a whole range of materials, making it ideal for so many jobs.

You might be surprised to know that angle grinders are powerful enough to cut through metal and concrete yet gentle enough to polish and buff the paintwork on a car. However, if you are going to use an angle grinder to polish your car, you need one that comes with variable speeds as high speed polishing can damage the paintwork.

It is not just homeowners that benefit from angle grinders, though. They are an essential tool for professionals because of their versatility, high performance, and efficiency. Professionals like the fact that these tools can cut quickly and precisely and with just a change of disc can be used for so many different purposes. For instance, they can be used to cut through a piece of metal when fitted with a cutting blade, but changing to a stripping disc will help to remove rust or other marks from that same piece of metal.

What to Consider When Buying an Angle Grinder

There is plenty of choice when it comes to size and performance. You also have the option to buy a corded or cordless version of this tool. A corded angle grinder will provide more power and is likely to be preferred by professional tradespeople. For homeowners, a cordless angle grinder is an excellent choice as it will be easier to use and still provide a versatile, powerful tool capable of a variety of applications.

When buying an angle grinder, it is best to compare a few different models to find the one that best suits your needs. Think about what you will be using it for and compare speeds, disc size, and power output before making your decision. You should also make sure that any angle grinder you buy has safety features designed to prevent accidents and injuries.

Safe Usage of Your Angle Grinder

Once you have made your purchase and are ready to use your angle grinder, it is imperative that you take the same safety measures you do with other power tools. Angle grinders are dangerous when not used correctly and can cut through skin, flesh, and bone. Furthermore, because of the rotating disc, dirt and debris as well as sparks are common when operating this tool.

Be sure to wear protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, and steel-capped shoes. Do not wear loose clothing and make sure that whatever you do wear when using the angle grinder is not highly flammable.

To conclude, angle grinders are handy tools that should be a part of any professional or avid DIYer’s kit. They are capable of grinding, cutting, polishing, and sanding and come in corded and cordless versions to suit the needs of the operator.

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