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Dreb Detergent Company will assist you in the cleaning process, as cleaning is one of the hardest jobs that a woman faces in her day, but with Dreb Company it will not be the case, we will present to you in today’s article a group of detergents that Dreb offers and ways to use them.

There are many materials that every woman needs in order to have a clean and sterile home, as the ability of Drip materials is not limited to removing dirt, but is also able to attack germs and keep the place clean and sterile, among the materials that you can use:

Bathroom cleaner: The bathroom in general, and the toilet in particular, is the center of bacteria and germs in the house, so you must take care of its cleanliness at least twice a day. Nice and desirable scent.

Floor cleaner: There are many causes of soiling for floors, and some of these dirt are difficult to remove on many materials, but nothing is difficult for Dreb. Floor cleaners remove all stains and dirt, in addition to their ability to sterilize floors to make them safe for you and your children.

Dishwashing liquid: Washing dishes is one of the daily tasks that women do, and because dishwashing liquid is used directly on utensils and dishes designated for food, so it must be chosen carefully in order to preserve the health of family members, but Drip will be your best choice for that, as dishwashing liquid is characterized by its ability to remove dirt. Super fast and eliminate germs and pathogens and once washed with water it is completely gone, making it safer and more reliable.

Washing powder gel: Drip washing products have the ability to penetrate between fabrics and remove difficult and stuck materials without leaving behind any traces, in addition to its fragrant smell that lasts for days, liquid washing powder is your choice if you use a regular or automatic washing machine or if you wish By hand washing it, you can be confident that all Drip washing materials are completely safe on your clothes and will not harm them.

Washing powder: This product is used for automatic washing machines only and it is safe and effective, and its results will be amazing for you, as it has an amazing ability to fight dirt and suspended solids, and it has been proven to be effective and safe with the testimony of many customers.

Liquid Stain Remover: Babies are always exposed to dirt, and they stain their clothes with mud, food and drinks, but with Drip Liquid Stain Remover it is no longer a concern, as this liquid removes the toughest stains by simply adding it to the laundry or soaking the stained item before washing it, as soon as Adding it to your laundry will be a great alternative to chlorine, bleach and disinfectant, as it works their work and is more effective and safe, do not hesitate to try it, you will get a clean, sterile and completely spotless laundry.

Clothes freshener: Despite the smell of the washing powder, but many women aspire to get a distinctive laundry with its smell, so they prefer to use the clothes freshener from Drip, as it is added to the washing machine and is not filtered directly on the clothes. But it will make you enjoy a distinct smell for a long time.

White Laundry Detergent Liquid: White laundry is known to need special care during washing so that it does not lose its pure whiteness. White laundry is spotless, clean and sterile, and completely safe for both laundry and the body.

Oven cleaning fluid: Ovens are constantly exposed to dirt and since it is the place of cooking and food preparation, it must be cleaned and sterilized well and safely in the interest of the safety of individuals, so we offer you Drip Oven Cleaning Liquid that helps you to get a clean, sterile and sanitary oven for use.

Carpet Cleaning Liquid: Dust, dust and other contaminants spread on the carpets, and since it is the place for children to play and play, mothers strive to keep them clean and sterilized, so Drip company has been keen to provide you with a carpet cleaning liquid that eliminates all dirt, bacteria and germs and returns the carpet to you clean as if it’s new.

Upholstery Cleaner: People spend the majority of their day rubbing against the upholstery, so Drip has manufactured an upholstery cleaner that is used to clean sofas and spongy upholstery at home or in the office.

Glass cleaning spray: Every woman strives to keep the glass of her house clean and shiny, and she usually uses a large number of cleaners without reaching the desired result, but from Drip Glass Spray, your experience will be different, as this spray removes the dirt, dirt and dust from the glass and returns it shiny and clean.

What are the teachings for using drip cleaners

Drip cleaners are completely safe to use as they are licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Health, but some measures must be followed for your safety.

  1. It is preferable to wear rubber gloves when using cleaning tools to ensure that no dirt or cleaning products get on your hands.
  2. If you know you are allergic to one of the cleaning materials, you must use a mask and leave the windows open for your safety.
  3. You must read the method of use and the instructions attached on the package and follow them to avoid any damage.

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