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We all love our showers as the integral bathroom fixtures they always are, so it’s naturally a tough inconvenience when it starts to malfunction. When you’re in need of a shower repair, it can feel like your entire daily routine is put in jeopardy for solid reasons!

The good news for homeowners is that there are plenty of early warning signs indicating that you’re in need of shower repairs, and knowing to be look out for can help you save on your repair costs and ultimately get your entire plumbing system back to optimal functionality.

So below are some of the common warning signs indicating that you’re in need of a shower repair:

Water Discoloration

Your shower’s water supply should always be perfectly clean, so any kind of discoloration is a serious cause for concern. Whether the water has become yellow, brown or slightly orange, this type of warning sign must always be taken seriously.

This type of issue is often connected to a considerably corroded pipeline, and it could mean that you’ll need to invest in re-piping in order to fully alleviate the discoloration.

Consistent& Sudden Low Water Pressure

When you suddenly experience significant drops in water pressure, there are potentially many causes that could be at play. Although there are certain scenarios in which your water pressure drop is nothing to worry about, there are other scenarios in which the water pressure drop is directly connected to sediment buildup or even pipe leaks.

You can ultimately determine if sediment buildup is leading to your shower’s low water pressure via an easy DIY showerhead soak, but if this doesn’t cure the pressure issues then it’s likely that you’re experiencing something much more serious.

Your Showerhead Leaks Or Drips

Although it may not be all that bothersome when your shower is slightly leaking or dripping, it’s actually a pretty serious warning sign. When you calculate just how much water drips from your shower, it could end up wasting gallons upon gallons of water each day. This then leads to increased water bills, and shower repairs that get increasingly more difficult to fix.

The odds are that the showerhead’s cartridge or band has become worn down and needs to be replaced, and this type of work must always be put in professional hands.

Mid-Shower Water Temperature Changes

No one likes it when their water temperature rapidly fluctuates in the middle of a shower, and this could be an issue related to your shower or your home’s water heater.

This is why it’s so important to put your shower repair needs in experienced plumbing companies, because they’ll provide you with thorough analyses that’ll let you know what exactly is causing your specific issues.

Molding Cracks

If you’re noticing cracks in the molding surrounding your shower or bathtub, then it could mean you’re experiencing issues associated with a poor installation. Although grout typically chips away with time, any signs of missing grout can mean that mold is developing underneath your floors or in your walls.

Shower Drains Too Slowly

When your shower drains are malfunctioning or moving much too slowly, then it’s possible that your drains have become clogged. Drain clogs can happen due to a whole variety of reasons, but no matter what’s causing your clog, it’s a warning sign that you’ll ultimately need a professional shower repair.

A lot of people think that drain cleaning is a DIY project, but this often leads to exacerbated issues that only get worse with time. That’s why you’ll always be better off leaving your drain cleaning an un-clogging needs with professional plumbers!

Reach Out To The Beehive Plumbing Team When You’re In Need Of A Shower Repair At Your House!

Shower repairs are very common all throughout America, particularly in older homes that haven’t invested in routine plumbing maintenance. If you’re experiencing issues with your shower, then you’ll always need to reach out to your local plumbing team right away.

You can learn more about shower repair warning signs by speaking with the Beehive Plumbing experts when you click on the hyperlink to their homepage at the top of this article!

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