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When your roof is old, and you need to replace it, you don’t have any other options if you value your home. You have to replace the roof as soon as possible. When your roof is well maintained, it can help to avoid any unforeseen roof repair costs.

If you are planning to repair your roof, you can reach out to the best roofing Mississauga contractors and have the job well done. Here are some roof damage red flags you should beware of if you want your roof to last longer.

1. Aging shingles 

Aging shingles is one of the leading causes of roof damage you should know. If you have aging shingles on your roof, this is a sign that the roof’s lifetime is over, and you have to get it fixed or replaced soonest.

If the shingles are aged and passed their warranty, it is imperative that you get new ones or simply replace your roof to avoid continuous repairs on the roof.

2. Not repairing your roof on time 

Failing to repair your roof on time can result in more severe roof damage. Also, not maintaining your roof well enough can result in the same effect. Therefore, you want to ensure annual and regular inspections of your roof. Sweep off the roof; clean the gutters and downspouts to keep your roof in perfect condition.

3. Water and cold 

In most of the northern climates, ice dams are the leading cause of roof damages. However, in most states like Florida, you don’t have oworry about ice dams. On some occasions, your roof can still be hit with ice and damage the roof.

Sure, it only takes one great hailstorm to damage your roof. Therefore, you want to ensure your roof is always in good shape to withstand cold weather and water in case of cold rain.

4. Excess heat 

High heat, especially during the summer, is more likely to damage your roof. UV light and summer heat can take a toll on your roof. Heat can damage roofing material like Asphalt Shingles. If you want to reduce this problem, you should ventilate and insulate your attic. Install a radiant barrier on the attic ceiling to minimize the effect of the sun on your roof.

5. Improper roof installation 

Not reaching out to a licensed D’Angelo Roofing in Mississauga roofing contractor can cost you a lot. In most cases, roof damages are mainly linked to improper roof installation services. That means if you want to avoid unnecessary roof repairs, you should have your roof installed by professional roofing contractors in the first place.

Using the suitable underlying roofing material, installing the correct flashing, and using the recommended sealants can save you a lot. Also, don’t forget to overlap the roof shingles correctly to prevent leaks that cause severe problems to your roof.

You can also damage your roof when you walk on it. If you have to walk on the roof during an inspection, you should avoid doing that in hot weather or on spiked shoes. This way, you will prevent knocking the shingles. Always beware of these causes of roof damages if you want your roof to last longer.

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