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It does not matter whether you wish to reroof an existing home or build one for the first time because materials are essential decisions that will affect the way the home costs, feels, and appears. We are talking about ongoing expenses as well as an immediate one for the installation process.

Compared with other materials, you should know that metal roofs are more expensive initially, but they come with low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, shingle roofs are still the most popular solutions because they are affordable to install, but you should consider the regular maintenance expenses too.

After checking here, you will learn about the energy efficiency of roofing. Before you decide, it is vital to understand the characteristics of each option, which will provide you with a better perspective.

1.Basic Differences

Roof Installation

Asphalt Shingles

You should remember that shingles come in the form of rolls, stacks, and sheets, meaning they are uniform when it comes to composition and design. Generally, they feature a ceramic upper surface and smooth asphalt layering combined with a fiberglass base.

In most cases, you can nail them onto wooden-framed structures that can stagger upward from the lowest point, especially if the roof is sloped. Since the materials are affordable, the manufacturing expenses are low, making them the most economical option when it comes to replacing and construction costs.

At the same time, they are simple to install and do not require special instruction or skill to do it. Of course, it is vital to call a contractor to handle each step throughout the process, because it can be dangerous to do it yourself.

Metal Roofing

On the other hand, metal roofing comes in the form of large sheets you can fold in various patterns depending on your preferences. Generally, they feature flat seams and corrugated metal. Flat seam roofing is more expensive to install and make, but it features an amazing design that will provide you with peace of mind.

Remember that the designfeatures fasteners and an interlock that will hold it to the roof frame, meaning you will experience exceptional durability and strength combined with low maintenance requirements.

You can find a wide array of options available on the market from tin, aluminum, corrugated steel, and other composite metals. Corrugated metals are perfect for repeating patterns, while you can attach them to the structure by using screws and nails that feature rubber washers as the attachment points.

2.  Care and Maintenance


You should remember that caring for a metal roof is a convenient solution that will provide you with peace of mind. Of course, everything depends on the angle or slope, meaning you should always search for an experienced and certified expert to handle each step along the way.

It is vital to consult with an expert, meaning it is possible to maintain everything without professional help, but it is risky, and we do not recommend it. Generally, metal roofing is challenging to patch based on the factors such as the type you are using, climate, corrosion, and others.

In most cases, a metal roof does not require general maintenance as the other options you can choose, making it appealing for long-term savings.


On the other hand, shingles are simple to maintain and affordable, but require regular maintenance, meaning you will spend more money throughout your lifetime. Generally, it can disintegrate, slip, or fall off due to weather conditions and lifespan.

Nailing down and sliding in replacement is simple as it gets, but it is important to find a professional to handle everything and determine the best course of action. Visit this link: to learn a few things about contractors before choosing the one for your specific needs.

3. Durability


You should know that the lifespan of any material will depend on outside factors, but if you use it normally, it will last between forty and seventy years at least. The most common estimates depend on weather conditions, but the latest materials are improving, meaning the newer options can last even longer.


Generally, shingle roofs will deteriorate faster than other options, especially metal. The max life expectancy is up to fifty years but with regular maintenance and repairs. Wind and precipitation will wear the shingles faster, especially if theyage in sunny areas.

Similarly, as with anything else, you should invest in regular maintenance, which will extend its roof by up to half a century. Still, you can reroof and replace different shingles, patch holes, and handle each step that will prevent potential issues from happening.

4. Installation


Since metal panels come with considerable size and weight, the installation is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, you should find a professional who should follow the regulations and codes, while you can ensure to avoid potential problems throughout the process.

Of course, if you enjoy DIY projects, we recommend you avoid handling metal roofs, because a small mistake can cause severe problems in the future, and additional expenses. Besides, being on the top of a house comes with falling risks, which is something you should avoid.

These systems feature interlocking edge systems, but professionals understand the details and how to review each aspect, especially on large slopes. That is why it is better to invest more in installation, which will prevent issues in the future.


Generally, asphalt shingles are more convenient and straightforward to install compared with metal options. However, it is better to find a professional who will know exactly what to do, because any type of DIY roofing can lead to serious consequences.

5. Weather Resistance


When it comes to metal roofing, it is the cooler solution, especially if you live in warm climates. This happens because the metal will reflect sunlight and beat it down the structure. However, the same effect will happen in cold climates, meaning it will require more power to heat the interior.

Still, owners state they did not have issues with accumulated snow, while the environmental impact is comparable to asphalt shingles.


This roofing is warmer, meaning during the summer, you must spend more on cooling your home especially if you live in a warm climate. However, you will save money in colder climates. Shingled roofs are not as resistant as metal when it comes to snow and high winds.

At the same time, the differences between environmental impacts are similar between these two materials, which is important to remember. The main idea is to gather things to know, which will help you choose based on overall preferences.

Final Word

Metal roofs are the way better solution for people who have an initial amount to invest, especially because they will last longer than asphalt and provide you with better protection against weather elements.

However, shingles are still the most popular and common option due to affordable installation, but you will spend additional funds on maintenance, which is vital to consider beforehand.

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