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Spurred on the by the pandemic, the past several years has seen the popularity of garden outhouses rocket. With the increase in people working from home and the need for a separation between working and living spaces, garden outhouses have become a great alternative for those who may not have the space in their homes for a dedicated home office. Even if there is space for a home office in the house, outhouses have the unique appeal of being separate from the house itself, providing that increased sense of separation and privacy.

Aside from home offices, garden outhouses can be used for a variety of other purposes, such as bars, games room, or simply extra living space. In this article, we look at how to make the most of your garden outhouse and how to unleash its full potential!

What purpose do you want your outhouse to serve?

You should know what you want to use your outhouse for before you start making modifications or adding features. Do you want to use this space for work? For entertainment? To host guests? There is obviously no point in installing a large TV if you intend to use the space to work.

There are however some important features that can be used in any outhouse, that will help make it a mini home from home.

The features that can make or break your garden room

A fully painted and plastered interior is what will make your outhouse feel like a room and not just a shed. Having this done as opposed to having wooden or plastic boards or panels will allow you decorate the area as you would with any other room in your house.

Underfloor heating will really make your outhouse stand out from the crowd. Regardless of what you will be using the space for, you cannot deny that it will not be made better by the addition of underfloor heating. In the winter months, this can make a massive difference and will be an extra incentive for you to spend time in and get value out of your outhouse.

Investing in quality furniture will add a touch of class to your garden room. Carefully positioned furniture, such as a sofa or bookcase can also help separate your outhouse into different areas. Comfortable chairs are important, especially if you plan to use the space as an office.

Aside from the outhouse itself, something that may make or break whether you want to spend time in your garden room is whether it is overlooked. Ensuring privacy is therefore important so that you can make the most of the area. Carefully positioning screens can help with this. Planting hedges and trees will also go a long way to remedy this while also adding more greenery to your garden. Trellises are also a good option and provide plants and flowers with a platform on which to grow.

Having a paved or patio area to the front of your outhouse is a great area to sit and relax or have friends and family gather around. Adding a firepit is the cherry on top and means you can stay sat outside for longer, and for more months of the year. Tasteful outdoor lighting will also enhance this space. Fairy lights or solar powered lamps guiding the path towards your garden room will help make it feel extra special!

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