Bed Sheets for Fibromyalgia


When you get home tired and exhausted the next thing you feel is a need to refresh and relax on your bed as you chat with a friend or watch the TV. But how our bedroom is, the bedsheets will determine how comfortable you are. If the quality is bad, you’ll just spend a few minutes there and the discomfort keeps you off.

Therefore, this article gives great tips on how to choose bed sheets.

Thread count

When it comes to choosing bed sheets, different schools of thoughts have different opinions. For some, the thread count makes the sheet comfortable while for others, it doesn’t matter so much because some manufacturers have a way of enhancing them with silicone softeners. Comfortable sheets are 100% cotton and not much of thread count. Egyptian and Pima cotton or the combined ones are excellent choices, but polyester and percale blend work so well for a more affordable option.

Percale/ Sateen weave

You may be asking, which of the two is better; percale or sateen? It’s just a matter of taste; percale is a plain matter weave with a crisp cool feel, perfect for you if you are the type that gets overheated when they sleep. Sateen is quite soft with some lustrous smooth finish which is almost like satin.  When at the store, you can try the finishes for both and see which one works for you.

Decide on the materials.

What you choose for your bed lines is a personal choice. If you want something light, you have to choose sheets of cotton poppin. You can also choose soft and breathable cotton. That will keep you warm during the cold season and cool during summer. Cotto-polyester is also another wrinkle-free and reasonably priced blend that will make you comfortable on bed. Linen has natural cooling effects and therefore some material that is great for summer.

Be careful with Egyptian Linen.

Of all the sheets, the Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious. But the problem is getting the exact material can be a tall order. So many imitations have come up in the market today. The Egyptian type is grown in Egypt with specific climatic conditions, carefully washed and combed. Thus they are pretty soft and durable. Some manufacturers have devised shortcuts on growing cotton outside the natural habitat, making the linen a lower version of the original.  But the price remains the same- imagine getting a sheet that is the same price as the original- quite hilarious.

Choose the right fit.

When choosing bed sheets, you must select one that perfectly fits your bed size. If you’re not careful, you may end up with something too small or large for your bed. For a 38×75’’matress size, for example, you will need twin sheets. The size of the sheets should be slightly larger than the mattress for better coverage.

Your choice of bed sheets for fibromyalgia should predominantly be determined by the quality and the comfort they bring you. Don’t just get a sheet because of the thread count or the hype by the marketing teams but the piece’s tenderness to your bed.

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