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Termites are harmful pests that shouldn’t be treated with kids’ gloves. Termites inspections in Brisbane help people detect these harmful beasts in their homes – which is then followed with elaborate treatment plans. Termite infestations are unpleasant and dangerous – it is one of the most dangerous infestations that can ever happen in your home. If not properly managed, it can lead to damages worth billions of dollars.

Searching for termites in your house

The best way to look for termites in your house is to inspect your property. In this case, you should do a Google search with the phrase “termites specialist near me.” This will provide you with a list of potential companies to help you discover these dangerous pests. It is possible that termites can spend years in your house without any detection. If your house is not treated for termites, the pests can cause serious damage to your belongings. If you are trying to get rid of pests in your home, there are a range of potential treatments to use. These include:

  • Wood treatments
  • Bait stations
  • Liquid treatment

DO termite treatments last?

If you get the right termite treatment on your property, you can get long-lasting solutions. Look up “affordable termites specialist near me” on your browser to get the best treatment solutions. If your home is treated properly, this solution can last for as long as five years. However, if you choose to use “bait stations,” this option can last for about one year. This means that you will need to treat your home more frequently. Bait stations are not an option that can create permanent termite treatment solutions. Each method have different durability and the reason for choosing a particular method depends on different factors.

Factors to help choose termite treatments

When it comes to treating termites, certain factors impact the treatment method to be used. Some of these factors include:

Your house foundation

The foundation type of your house will determine the type of termite treatment that would be used on your house. Buildings with wooden foundations are more susceptible to the activities of termites, and therefore, will need special treatments.

The structure of your house

Your house structure will affect the type of termite treatment that you get. Some buildings are made of wood. Such houses are more susceptible to termites than brick-and-mortar buildings. If your house structure is made from wood, this will affect the type of termite treatment solution that you get.


To get affordable termite treatments, you will need to choose specific options. Termite treatment solutions are available by budget. This means that there are varying prices for different options. You can look up “termites treatment near me” on your browser to choose affordable solutions.  Many local termite treatment companies can offer customers tailored solutions according to their budget. For cost-effective treatments, customers need to ask for quotations from multiple local termite treatment companies. This helps them to choose the right treatment solution based on the price and quality of service.

Treatment Frequency

The type of termite treatment that you will choose will also have to do with the number of treatments that you will need. Residential termites inspections in Brisbane usually assess the type of treatment needed for each infestation. The nature of the infestation will determine the treatment frequency. Some properties usually require constant retreating after the first treatments have been done.

Factors that affect termite treatment effectiveness

There is something known as termite treatment effectiveness. This is used to describe how long certain anti-termite treatments lasts. This factor depends on the type of termite in your home. To understand the type of termite in your property, look for the right company by doing a Google search with “termites pest control near me.” If they inspect your property, you will know that there are two main termite species. These are the:

Drywood termites

They live in drywood where they create holes as houses and paths to look for food.

Subterranean termites

They can be found on the soil around the target house. They usually build holes through the soil to get easy access to food in the house.

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