Easily reduce your electricity consumption


Electricity bills have been increasing exponentially over the past few decades. Despite less energy-consuming devices, users are not very economical in terms of electricity. Without changing your comfort and lifestyle, how can you reduce your electricity bill?

Healthy behaviors to adopt when it comes to heating

Electric energy is strongly represented by heating and hot water. Tips for reducing your electricity consumption include better thermal insulation, correct temperature control, regular maintenance of equipment. In addition, prioritize showers. The bath should be the exception. For the hot water tank, the temperature setting must oscillate between 55 ° and 60 ° C.

Good attitudes in the kitchen

To reduce electricity consumption in this living room, you should opt for the kettle or microwave. Adopt the pressure cooker for less energy-consuming cooking. On the oven side, the fan-assisted model is less energetic as is the combination oven.

The correct use of washing machines

Dry your clothes in the open air otherwise you have to get a dryer with a humidity sensor. For the washing machine, use the low temperature program. For the dishwasher, the eco program must have priority.

High-tech devices

How to reduce your electricity bill? While staying connected! Adopt LCD TVs, laptops and inkjet printers. Buy multifunctional equipment that consumes less energy.

Always unplug electrical appliances. Make sure you have “standby” sockets. Place your refrigerators and freezers away from heat sources for better air orientation.
And most importantly, change all bulbs with CFL lamps or LED lamps for your lighting. Finally, you have to adjust the light intensity of the bulbs. The store offers several models to match all styles of home.

Improve the insulation of your home

Renovating windows, doors and walls can have a huge impact on energy consumption, but this obviously comes at a cost and is not done lightly. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your home’s insulation, you have to get this done by an expert in insulation Houston to ensure that your insulation is done properly.  Even before embarking on major works, it is already possible to limit heat loss by a few simple actions:
– Remember to switch off the lamps in unoccupied rooms
– Use low-consumption lamps which have the longest duration of life
– Equip presence detectors in corridors and stairs
– Adapt the power of the lamps according to the rooms and needs
– Remember to remove dust on the bulbs from time to time, it increases their luminous efficiency
– Choose warm colors for your walls and ceilings, the light will reflect better.

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