The different types of wooden house that can be built


More and more households are now opting for the construction of wooden houses, because having a wooden house built is becoming easier and less expensive than a few years ago. In addition, wood being an easy material to work with, future homeowners are spoiled for choice in the style and type of wooden house to build.

The wooden house also called “MOB”

If you want to build your wooden house , the MOB or timber frame house is currently the flagship product in terms of wooden house construction . The biggest advantage of the MOB is that the framework, that is to say the load-bearing elements, is prefabricated in the factory. It is a type of timber construction, the foundation and implementation of which are very easy. Once assembled, the framework is covered, inside and out, with panels or suitable coverings and insulating materials are inserted into it. This method of construction allows any architectural style of wooden house to be made .

The wooden house known as “post-beam”

Initially designed for industrial or commercial buildings, the “post-beam” construction method resembles timber frame construction, but in a very robust version. Indeed, the skeleton is formed of massive wooden posts and beams firmly assembled together. The whole structure is so rigid and sturdy that no load-bearing wall is useful inside. This is a great advantage if we want to have a very large surface. Different coatings can be used to cover the exterior and interior and between the panels are also inserted insulating materials. It is a type of construction that resembles that of the half-timbered wooden house .

The wooden house with solid wood panels

It is a type of wooden house construction mixing the first two techniques below. The panels used are manufactured in the factory and are generally very large. They are composed of several large strips of wood to become solid wood panels called “laminated / cross” or CLT. In addition to the rather high cost of the panels, the assembly of this type of wooden house often requires large means such as a crane. On the other hand, it is a very fast construction and which also allows to realize architecturally original wooden houses.

The wooden house in planks or solid wood stacked

It is the oldest technique of wooden house construction that is often found in North America and in mountainous regions. Very solid wood is used to form the load-bearing elements and the walls. The latter are therefore logs or planks stacked on top of each other. Currently, all of the lumber in a log house is processed and manufactured industrially to prevent over time crowding and problems with waterproofing and insulation. It is a method of construction which is appreciated by amateurs of self-construction.

The wooden house sold as a kit

This construction method is also increasingly popular, as it looks like a life-size construction set. All the elements are prefabricated in the factory and delivered to the site. This is a technique that may be easy for some DIY enthusiasts, but the intervention of a professional is always recommended to ensure the solidity of the construction, especially for tasks that require special expertise. In self-construction, you should know that, for example, most insurers hardly grant “damage-to-work”

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