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A home is a place that holds the priority place in everyone’s heart. Everyone has a dream to have a beautiful place. No doubt, a happy family makes a beautiful home but we can add more beauty to our home with the help of some decoration, we can do it with handicraft items for home decoration. These are the products which are made by the hand with individual’s skill without using the modern machinery and equipment. It is an art, which originated from earlier times, in ancient India, people use to make utility items for their day-to-day needs.

Nowadays these items are considered fashion and luxury items. It is very important as it represents the culture and tradition of the country and it includes traditional knowledge and talent. These items are the mirror of the cultural identity of an individual. There are so many different items ivolved in this market some are listed below:

Clay items

Clay pottery is one of the most ancient forms of items in India. There are different types of clay pottery such as black pottery, red pottery, grey pottery, and terracotta pottery.

Brass items

These items are durable. There are many options available under it like tabletops, lamps, and many more. These products are mainly used for gifting purposes. The manufacturing of these items is mainly done in Rajasthan.

Dhokra items

It is one of the oldest forms. It is originated in Madhya Pradesh. You have multiple options in it such as candle stand, religious images, horses, elephants, peacocks, etc.

Paper items

It is the simple art but involves a lot of hard work. Different colors are combined for making items such as kites, flowers, hand fans, etc.

Jute items

These items include wall hangings, lamps, tables, etc. These products are eco-friendly and provide a natural and green way to decor the house.

Shell items

These items are made out of by just using shell or shell rocks. The items which are involved in it are decorative bowls, table mats, curtains, etc.

Wood items

Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh are famous for their unique woodwork. This list involves decorative pieces, lampshades, and many more designer household items.

Mirror work items

It is the process of making the items by using small pieces of mirror on wood or fabric or any other object. It involves door hangings, wall art, etc.

Winding Up

These items are not only famous in India, but they also have a huge demand across the world. They increase the beauty of our home and make our home more attractive. They are easily available and affordable as well. With the help of these items, every generation gets information about the customs of the country. They are becoming essential for home decoration. They are very demanding as they give your home a fashionable look. Everyone should use these items for decorating their home as they are beautiful and gives you traditional knowledge too. Use them then only you would be able to get what is the best.

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