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The livable square footage drives the value of a home, which means how you treat your basement will affect your home’s valuation. Finishing the basement increases your living space, and if you decide to resell your home, bidders will be attracted to your property than others. You may have an unfinished basement, or you want to renovate an existing space, plan appropriately, and achieve the results you intended. Again, basement renovation doesn’t have to be too expensive; get a good designer to help you develop a design that will increase your home value.

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What is it you want?

Before you even ask for a meeting with the renovation contractor, there are several things you’ve to consider. Knowing what you want first is an excellent step to achieving your goal. There’s a reason why you thought about the renovation- you probably thought about adding more living space, or you wanted to increase the valuation of your property. With a clear objective, you can now call in the contractor to agree on how to achieve your plan. You also want to get a quotation from the contractor, so you know who gives value for money.


Planning is an essential part of your basement renovation project. You need to think about the future use of your property, say some twenty years from now. One of the remarkable things about the future and buildings is that the demand for property will continue to go up as the population increases. More and more people plan to own homes in the future, and that should tell you that you need to factor in your basement renovation.

Your playroom today might become some movie room in seven years, and what’s your bedroom may become your kid’s room in ten years. Such imaginations will help you do a robust project which is futuristic, and therefore, you will not have to spend again redoing the work.

Look for cracks

Inspect the foundation floor and walls to see if there could be any cracks and if evident, tackle those first with a fiber crack solution. Carbon fiber is better than traditional steel, and it’s easy to install. With it, you have a lasting solution to the problem, and you can use it for various applications, including the repair of cracks on the walls and the floor.

Check for moisture

You don’t want to invest lots of money and time putting up some beautiful flooring and drywall only to find out later that there’s water seeping through the floor of your unfinished basement. Walkthrough your basement with a flashlight as you look for any cracks on the floor and at the start of the exterior. If the place is dry and no traces of moisture, you’re good to go.

Proper lighting

When renovating your basement, think about the lighting – some good lighting in the basement is critical. If the height of the ceiling and the space allows, think of some decorative lights like the ceiling flush lights or the hanging ones.

If you want to go right on your basement finishing, get a reputable and experienced contractor to do the work. They know what to do and the best way to make the space more functional and presentable.

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