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Artificial grass is a great way to jazz up your yard and add worth to your home. Despite this, there are numerous things you should know before having artificial turf installed.

Many people are under the misconception that artificial turf is not safe. That may have been true when the fake stuff first came out, as it was made with toxic materials. The lawns are no longer being produced with lead or other toxins. However, it is still a good idea to ask the installer questions about what material the turf is made from.

Another deception individuals have is that it looks unreal. Yes, years ago it may have looked fake. But now, many are not able to tell the difference between real and fake lawns. When artificial grass first came out, it has a plastic-like feel to it. And the colorings did not match up with natural grass. But now, the colors look the same and it no longer has the fake feel to it.

Want to add value to your home? Artificial grass will provide a fresh look to a home. It will never need to be mowed, nor will it have weeds, so you will never have to worry about it becoming burnt from the sun, or being too high from growing too fast.

Artificial turf is not completely maintenance-free. While it does not need to be watered at it will not grow, there are several things that owners must take into consideration. First, if you have a dog that urinates on the turf, it should be rinsed off. If this pet defecates on the faux grass, the solids should be picked up and then the lawn should be rinsed off with water.

What happens when a guest drops a BBQ rib or the kids drop their hotdog covered in ketchup on the lawn? A good maintenance plan ensures you will remove all solids, then rinse off well so it does not stain.

Another thing you will need to do for maintenance is raking the lawn from time to time. This will keep the blades standing up so they do not stay smashed down. You also have to keep leaves off the artificial turf, as if they become too smashed down, they can be harder to remove.

With the prices of everything going up, artificial grass may save you some money in the long run. You will not have to fill up the gas tank to operate a lawn mower. You will not need to pay someone to take care of your yard if it is not something you enjoy doing. If it gets too toasty outdoors, you won’t have to water the lawn either.

If you have kids, artificial turf is great. You’ll never have to concern yourself with pesticides or chemicals. And you will be able to walk in the grass barefoot, as artificial grass feels very good on the skin. Fido will be able to roll around in the yard without you having to worry about him getting covered in something he should not be.

Another thing to think about is if Fido goes outside after it rains. He will not track muddy paw prints all over the house when he comes back in, because the mud will not be on the artificial lawn for him to do so.

If you feel that artificial turf is right for you, reach out to a professional installer today, such as Turf Pro Synthetics in Tampa, FL.  They can answer all your questions, and before long, your yard will look amazing.

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