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The role of pallet stretch wrap and innovative solutions like Neleo Orbital Wrapping has become increasingly significant. These tools play a pivotal role in safeguarding products during transit, optimizing storage space, and streamlining the overall packaging process. This article explores the evolution of pallet stretch wrap, delves into the features of stretch wrapping film, and sheds light on the advancements brought by Neleo Orbital Wrapping.

1. A Foundation of Secure Shipments

Pallet stretch wrap, a staple in the world of logistics, is a highly stretchable plastic film commonly used to secure items on pallets for transportation. The primary purpose of this wrap is to provide stability to the products, preventing them from shifting or toppling during transit. The elasticity of the film ensures a tight and secure fit around the items, creating a unitized load that is easier to handle and less prone to damage.

Features of Pallet Stretch Wrap:

  • Stretchability: Pallet stretch wrap is characterized by its high stretchability, allowing it to conform tightly to various load sizes and shapes. This adaptability ensures a snug fit, enhancing stability during transportation.
  • Tensile Strength: The film’s tensile strength is crucial for withstanding the stresses of transportation, including vibrations, impacts, and changes in temperature. This strength contributes to the overall integrity of the palletized load.
  • Variety of Gauges: Pallet stretch wrap comes in various gauges or thicknesses. Thicker gauges offer increased puncture resistance, making them suitable for heavier loads or products with sharp edges.

2. Enhancing Protective Capabilities

Stretch wrapping film, the material used for pallet stretch wrap, has undergone advancements to enhance its protective capabilities. Modern stretch wrapping films are engineered to provide not only stability during transit but also protection against environmental factors, such as moisture, dust, and UV radiation.

Advancements in Stretch Wrapping Film:

  • High-Tack Formulations: Some stretch wrapping film is formulated with high-tack additives, improving the film’s adhesion to the products. This is particularly beneficial for loads with irregular shapes or those that require additional security.
  • UV Stabilization: UV-stabilized stretch wrapping films are designed to resist degradation caused by exposure to sunlight. This feature is crucial for products that may be stored outdoors or in areas with ample natural light.
  • Pre-Stretched Films: Pre-stretched films are a modern innovation designed to reduce the amount of film needed per pallet while maintaining load integrity. These films are pre-stretched during the manufacturing process, providing excellent yield and cost-effectiveness.
  • Multi-Layer Structures: Advanced stretch wrapping films often feature multi-layer structures, combining different resins to achieve a balance of strength, flexibility, and clarity. These films offer superior performance in terms of load containment and protection.

3. Revolutionizing Packaging Efficiency

Neleo Orbital Wrapping represents a revolutionary approach to packaging and securing products. Unlike traditional pallet stretch wrap, Neleo Orbital Wrapping employs an orbital wrapper that rotates around a stationary load, applying the wrapping material in a spiral pattern. This method offers several advantages in terms of efficiency, speed, and material optimization.

Key Features of Neleo Orbital Wrapping:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Neleo Orbital Wrapping machines are known for their speed and efficiency. The orbital wrapper can complete a full rotation around the palletized load in a continuous and controlled manner, significantly reducing wrapping time compared to manual methods.
  • Material Optimization: The orbital wrapping process optimizes the use of wrapping material. The spiral pattern ensures uniform coverage, minimizing waste and reducing the overall cost of packaging materials.
  • Consistent Wrapping Tension: The orbital wrapping process ensures consistent wrapping tension throughout the entire palletized load. This consistency contributes to load stability and reduces the risk of product damage during transit.


In the realm of logistics and packaging, the combination of traditional tools like pallet stretch wrap and innovative solutions such as Neleo Orbital Wrapping creates a synergy that optimizes efficiency, enhances protection, and contributes to overall cost-effectiveness. Pallet stretch wrap, with its stretchability and tensile strength, remains a fundamental component of secure shipments. Meanwhile, advancements in stretch wrapping film and the introduction of Neleo Orbital Wrapping showcase the industry’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving packaging needs. As the world of logistics evolves, the collaboration of tradition and innovation ensures that products reach their destinations securely and in optimal condition.

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