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Television time is considered a leisure activity, where we all spend most of the hours swaying our time relaxing. If you are looking forward to watching your favourite soap opera or planning to gather with your friends to watch a cricket match, one clicks on the remote and you find that it’s not working anymore can spill water all over your plans.

Let us discuss different signs and symptoms that you can look for, to find out when to buy yourself a new television unit.

Different signs to look for

  • You are getting high electricity bills

Notice if your electricity bills have crept up as compared to previous ones. If so, cross-check with your electricity provider to make sure they have not raised their utility charges. In case there is no increase in charges then you have to blame your appliances for it and in case your TV is quite old, it has an equal part in contributing to it.

Here how you can test. Keep your Television unplugged for a month and look for how it impacts your television. Use other appliances, as usual, not to confuse which appliance to put your blame on. This method has proven to be effective in understanding which appliance is affecting your electricity bills.In case, it gets proven that your TV is contributing to high bills then it’s time to buy a new one.

  • If other gadgets are not running on your television

With a smart TV, you can easily stream your laptop or play games as well, by attaching a console, which makes an android smart TV distinct from other traditional TVs. Such smart TV is Wi-Fi enabled which enables watching your favourite content easily.In case your television is not able to connect to the internet, failing to stream programs, unable to connect with a gaming console, unable to connect with an external USB then, is it worth paying for a Television unit that does not let you enjoy watching television?Upgrading to an android smart TV will provide an HD TV viewing experience.

  • There are blurred and coloured lines coming on your screen

In case there are red, green, or blue lines coming across on your screen can easily disrupt you’re watching experience. These stripes usually happen when the hardware is broken or there is some issue with the frayed cables.Repairing in such cases is a temporary solution and can be very expensive. TV panel parts can be costly and opening it puts other parts of the TV at further risk of damage.

  • TV is producing the poor quality of sound

The most common complaint that you will come across in a television unit is poor sound quality. Distorted dialogues, background noise, and poor sound along with the drop in volume indicates that there are issues with the sound system

Who to blame

  • Faulty cable connection
  • Misconfigured audio settings
  • Speakers of TV are damaged

In such cases, you can either go for attaching external speakers or upgrade to the new model

  • The TV screen is cracked

Sometimes incidents happen and one of them is the screen getting cracked. Oops! A crack can easily disrupt your viewing experience and cause a blank blue screen or blurred images. Many times crystals from the LED screen can also leak out which can be hazardous.

Replacing the screen can be expensive to fix. Better than investing in it you can invest the same amount in buying a new TV.

To sum up

If you are still stuck with an old television set with not so many features to show off, then upgrading to the new one if it fits in your budget can change your viewing experience. Whether you buy LED TV online or from a store, keep in mind that you buy from a trusted brand. With Sanyo TV you can upgrade to the best Japanese technology for your everyday entertainment.

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