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Do you want dense and green plants to grow in your backyard? Then you shall have a good quality of the soil. There are several layers of soil among which the top layer is the most suitable one for growing plants. Therefore, it is important for us to retain the same. To prevent soil erosion and to retain the top layer of the soil, you must be aware of how long does rip rap last and take necessary measures accordingly. Let us now discuss some other ways to improve soil quality.

1. Add Manure:

You might have heard that organic matter is one of the best food for the soil. Adding manure that is naturally prepared, your top layer of the soil will be facilitating the faster growth of plants. You can either prepare manure at your home using vegetable peels or can purchase the same. This process is environmentally friendly and will help you improve the quality of soil in a lesser amount of money. You may find it difficult to prepare manure initially but will get habitual of the same when done several times. Composting is one of the best ways to prepare manure on a small scale.

2. Retain Moisture:

The soil that is dry and not touched for a long time may lose its quality. Therefore, to retain the quality and health of the soil, it shall have a good amount of moisture throughout the year. If a portion of land is not in use, then make sure you water it at least once a week. Else, grow some plants or grass to ensure that the soil carries some amount of moisture. The soil will be in a good condition when it has moisture content to cool it down and maintain required nutrients.

3. Periodic Soil Test:

It is difficult to predict the quality of the soil just by looking at it. This is the reason why it is suggested to get a soil test done every couple of years. You can randomly take a sample of soil and send it to a trusted lab. When the reports are out, you will get a gist of soil quality. If the soil is lacking something, necessary actions can be taken immediately. Neglecting soil test can make the soil unfit for farming or growing plants due to the absence of a particular element for a long period of time.

4. Eliminate Weeds:

When a portion of soil is left untouched for a long period of time, weeds and other unwanted plants take over the same. This will not only degrade the quality of soil but will also consume necessary nutrients. If you are not using a portion of land, you must at least ensure eliminating weeds so that nutrients are retained. These weeds do not only degrade the quality of the soil but also gives you a bad appearance. Therefore, they shall be removed on a regular basis from empty portions of land using necessary tools and equipment.

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