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While you may have heard some things regarding the necessity of paver sealing, what you may not hear much about is its benefits. So, while you already know that you need to seal your brick or travertine sealers, here are some of the benefits of doing so.

Sealing your pavers protects them from the elements.

This is one of the biggest benefits you’ll get from paver sealing. By sealing your pavers, you’re protecting them from Florida’s harsh environment(e.g., extreme sun exposure, high water tables, and high humidity) and extreme temperatures.So while sealers offer UV protection, you should know that they also offer a level of stain resistance so that when something happens, you have a bit of time to clean it up before witnessing any long-term damage.

Sealing your pavers helps them resist dirt, grime, and mold.

Mold grows like crazy in Florida’s tropical-like climate.Thankfully, paver sealing makes your pavers less porous so that mold grows much slower. Once you see the mold, you’ll also be able to easily clean it up. Furthermore, since your pavers aren’t porous,dirt and grime can’t get into them either.

Regardless of why your pavers get dirty, you can easily wash them off if they’ve been sealed. Therefore, you can think of sealing your pavers as a way of protecting them from your environment.

Sealing your pavers stabilizes the sand between them.

Whether you have travertine tiles or brick pavers, you have sand joints between them. By sealing your pavers, you’ll be able to stabilize this sand. This means that the sand will harden in the joints, so it doesn’t wash out as easily with heavy rain or light power washing.

An added benefit here is that by stabilizing the sand, insects won’t be as intrusive. While you’ll still get some insects, you’ll get a lot less of them.

Sealing your pavers enhances their color.

One of the most popular reasons for getting paver sealing is aesthetic. Undoubtedly, sealers offer superior color enhancement, sometimes referred to as a “wet” look. Regardless of what you call it, your brick will look darker and more enriched, but its color won’t be changed. This will bring the pavers to life because it shows off their natural beauty.

This coloring comes with a few different options. For instance, you can use “tinting” if you want additional color enhancement. For instance, if you have a light gray paver and you wish it was red instead, the brick’s color can be changed for you. While this sounds great, you should know that you may see some discoloration. Fortunately, this isn’t something that’s typically noticeable to the untrained eye, and it’s definitely cheaper than replacing the bricks.

Sealing your pavers makes them shiny.

Most water-based paver sealing offers a nice, satin to semi-gloss sheen, but you can add additional sheen if you’d like. Living in Florida, you’ll want to avoid super shiny sealers because they trap condensation and moisture. You’ll be able to tell that this is happening because your pavers will start to have a filmy, white look to them. An additional issue with pavers that have a super shiny finishis that they also become quite slippery while wet. When either of these things happens, you’ll need to strip off the old sealer, which can be quite an expensive undertaking.

If you have any additional questions about paver sealing, reach out to Unreal Paver Seal Tampa Bay in Tampa, FL. We’re eager to help you find answers to these questions so that you can make the decisions that are right for you and your home. Contact us today.

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