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If you are starting up your own carpentry business, then creating quotes is going to become a huge part of your workload. Producing professional, well costed and calculated quotes can ensure your profit margin, whilst building your business and reputation. Having a carpenter quote template to guide you, can help you with creating quotes.

What is a carpenter quote template?

Basically, a carpenter quote template is a framework to guide you in creating a quote for your customers, or prospective clients. Perhaps your customer wants to remodel their kitchen and have asked you how much to make new cupboards and benches? Once you have estimated the direct and indirect costs, added your profit margin and you’ve ascertained a fixed total price for your customer you must create a quote to present to them. A carpenter quote template shows you how to break the project down and what information you need to provide your customer.

Main parts

The most important part of a quote is you. So, your business information and logo should be prominent, it should also include your customer’s information. Other important information a carpenter quote template should include are:

  • The scope of work for the project.
  • A breakdown of the job’s elements.
  • Each element should be broken down to scope, the price you will provide materials at and labor costs.
  • Any licenses or permissions that will be necessary to perform the job.
  • The cost of subcontractors should be included if they are applicable.
  • Any Government taxes included in the price.
  • A date that the quote will no longer be valid by. A job set for next month won’t cost the same next year.

Having a template ensures you don’t forget any important information, but they are time-consuming and they can’t help if you’ve made an error in your calculations. Thankfully, there’s an easier, faster and more reliable way with carpentry estimating software.

Benefits of estimating software

With carpentry management and estimating software you can produce quantity takeoffs 80% faster, making the quoting process 5 times faster. Customizing the quote is easy and you can create a standard, professional theme throughout your business’ correspondence. With price lists integrated, accurate and up-to-date costs are at your fingertips. You can also include images of the materials, so your client knows exactly what taps you are talking about. If you have jobs that reoccur, then you can save a quote template specifically for those jobs. The ability to integrate your accounting software makes managing the budget easier than ever before.

A carpentry quote template will make it easier to remember the things you have to include in your customer’s quote, but carpentry management and estimating software will take your quotes to the next level. You will become more competitive, improve your reputation and build your business all while saving time.

With the right carpentry management and estimating software you can estimate, manage and do your accounting all from the one platform, making life easier, saving you time and making you more money.

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