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If you are getting ready to join college or university, you might be faced with many decisions that you need to make brilliantly.

There will be many things to manage, from deciding on your major to choosing between an online college and a traditional campus.

Another vital thing you might want to consider is knowing the differences between living off-campus and on-campus, including the pros and cons.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is also called residence halls in most countries, including the UK and Canada. Mostly, they are situated near most universities.

If you live in Canada, housing York University can be suitable for you and other students looking to stay on-campus.


A greater sense of community since many students will surround you.

Universities normally have things running 24/7 – meaning there is a higher chance that you will get entertained.

You will be closer to the university physically compared to those staying off-campus.

Simple to make connections with other students in the accommodations, like student housing York University.


For introverts, this means challenging as there will be distractions and shared space.

Restricted kitchen hours, visiting hours, quiet hours, and curfew make it unbearable for most students.

You are likely to have a roommate.


While people believe that the on-campus housing option has a great experience, there are also good reasons you might as well want to stay off-campus. In fact, students may expect a wide range of incomparable services and amenities like those available in York University housing.


A lot of housing options, making it simple to choose one that can fit your lifestyle.

You are more likely to save cash since it is affordable compared to buying meal plans and living in campus residence.

You will wisely pick your roommate and have the right living arrangements.

You may still be close to the university and access the same services as those living in York University residence do.

You are also likely to get more space.


Staying off-campus may actually turn out to be costly as you will have to pay for utilities, furnishings, cleaning supplies, and transportation.

You will be on your own for cable TV and internet connection.

For a one-year-long contract, you will have to look for someone to sublet the space during the summer.

You will be isolated from other students and live far from the university.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

Determining where to stay is no easy feat. You will have to consider many factors, including availability and, privacy & space.

When it comes to availability, housing York University might be available for most freshmen so as to make the transition easier and more comfortable. For other students, it may also mean getting a chance to stay on campus.

Privacy and space are also determining factors when choosing between off-campus and on-campus housing. University dormitories might be suitable for students, but they can be crowded and even rob your inherent need for privacy and peace.

The Bottom Line!

With that being said, at times, students may compare costs for staying off-campus and conclude that it is cheaper. So when choosing between off-campus and on-campus, ensure you consider different factors, like cost, availability, privacy, proximity, and space, so as to

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