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Are you planning a local or a long-distance move? Proper planning will help avoid stress and ensure a seamless move. However, there are various things to keep in check, and simple blunders can ruin your plans. You will want to safeguard your valuables, including furniture and electronics, and don’t want to incur costly damages. Follow the following steps for a painless and stress-free move:

1.Plan everything in advance

 Planning determines the success of your move. So, arrange everything in advance; this should be months before the moving day. Essential tasks to plan for include packing, hiring movers, acquiring a mover portable truck for a DIY move, and planning for utilities in the new home. Once ready, budget for all the expenses and save enough money to cater to the moving costs. Also, notify the relevant authorities and the movers of the scheduled moving day in advance.

2.Pack right

 Packing is one of the most challenging tasks for many people. Acquire the best quality supplies and ensure they are enough for the move. Also, think of your type of items and acquire the right boxes to enhance safety. Pack all your items carefully and be keen on delicate items like screens and kitchen appliances.

The best bit about this is that most movers offer packing services. They can supply the packing materials and help pack your items. So, inquire about this from the Lawrence Moving company, and you will get the much needed help. Also, the movers will visit your home and assess your belongings to make an informed decision.

3. Choose experienced movers

 Your choice of movers will define your moving experience and the safety of your items. You want to minimize breakages as much as possible and can only achieve this while working with an experienced team. Therefore. Search for renowned movers in your area, and find out whether they have experience handling your type of goods.

4. Insure your valuables

 Reputed insurance companies are insured and bonded, and will refund or replace damaged items during the move. However, it’s wise to buy an insurance policy to cater for your valuables. Some items may not be covered under the mover company’s policy, and you want to be sure of safety.

Discuss this with your insurance company, and the team will help you choose the best policy for your type of goods.

5. Prepare your new place

Familiarize yourself with the new home, and prepare it in advance. Necessary preparations include cleaning, repairs, and labeling the rooms. Conduct any required repairs before moving your items. This eases offloading and avoids delays on the big day. Ensure all utilities are connected and working before moving for a seamless transition. Also, tour the new place with your kids and pets and have them adjust to the new neighborhood.


 Be smart and plan your move right! Acquire high-quality packaging supplies and hire the right movers. Budget for the move and prepare in advance. With adequate planning and professional help, you will ease the move and avoid the stress that many other people face while relocating

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