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According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the basic color theory allows you to combine complementary colors to keep your art cohesive or have a sense of order. You can use the same in your apartment. Let’s check out how you can use complementary colors to turn your apartment from drab to fab.

The Details

1. Complementary colors

Complementary colors are those that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. They form a geometric relationship on the color wheel and that also translates to how they look in a setting when used together. Complimentary colors include blue and orange, green and red, yellow and purple, and more such combinations. A complementary color pair creates visual interest and can turn the most boring apartment into the jazziest palace you’ve seen.

2. Appeal of complementary colors

Complementary colors make such a visual impact on human brains since they contrast each other and have a severe impact when compared to each other. They work in combination to make each other appear brighter. Famous artists like Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, and Piet Mondrian have experimented with complementary colors to showcase their visual impact and you should do the same.

3. Red and Green

Red and green lie opposite each other on the color wheel and when you use their hues in combination, you can create a bold statement. While red and green screams Christmas and other holidays, their hues can be used in your apartment throughout the year. For instance, a room with deep red walls and plenty of dark green bed sheets, pillows, and plants along with a touch of gold decor elements makes quite an impact.

4. Blue and orange

You can never go wrong with the combination of blue and orange. Orange is a warm color, while blue is a cool one and that creates a contrasting color harmony. As you’ve seen in the above-mentioned example, you don’t need to use just paint to use complementary colors.

It can be anything from furniture upholstery and carpets to accessories and wall hangings. When you have a combination of a warm and cool color, it’s best to use the cool color as the dominant paint in the room that makes the warm color pop out. For instance, you may have a white room with light blue furniture and a bright orange chair to the side.

5. Yellow and purple

Yellow and purple also create synergy. You may use different shades of these colors to make the purple pop out among a sea of yellow or just scattered hints of it. For instance, a lavender plant beside a bed with yellow pillows looks awesome.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to change the way your apartment looks and feels. Even if you don’t use the above-mentioned color combinations, you can use them as inspiration and allow basic color theory to guide you and come up with a selection of your own.

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